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Which foods are natural diuretics?

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Wondering if there are foods out there that help to get rid of excess water weight?
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The best way to get rid of water weight is to monitor your sodium intake. 

If you are having a problem with water retention I recommend seeing a doctor.

Anything high in potassium. Potassium offsets sodium. Lots of fruits are good sources of potassium. Don't take potassium supplements though (unless your dr says to) because too much can cause heart rythym isses.

I don't know about "getting rid of excess water weight", but lemons are natural diuretics and have many other good for you qualities.  Put sliced lemons in the water you drink throughout the day.  Also make sure you are drinking enough water!! As the other person said, too much sodium can cause you to retain water as well.  Lots of fiber helps that as well :)

Why are you retaining water?

Probably too much sodium. I didn't pay much attention to it before but just noticed the lunch meat I eat which is low cal/low fat has a nutso amount of sodium, paired with the dressing I like which just noticed also has a lot of sodium and I haven't given up salt on my steamed veggies yet. I'll have to find a substitute for the lunch meat and dressing and eventually I'll give up salting my veggies. I'll see if this helps. Thanks!

Yes, that sounds right. The lowfat version of almost anything almost always adds extra salt or sugar in place of the fat. You might be better off looking for the lower sodium version rather than the lower fat version, because deli turkey for example is already naturally low in fat (plus fat is good for you, keeps you feeling full longer). I would say cut back on sodium soe, but mostly add in fruits and veggies that increase potassium. Google "high potassium foods" and you can see a list. Good luck!

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 I haven't given up salt on my steamed veggies yet. I'll have to find a substitute for the lunch meat 

Don't forget we do need to consume some table salt as it contains iodine which is important for thyroid health. As for the lunch meat use left over meats from dinner. We often slice up pork tender loin, roast beef, turkey or chicken nice and thin for sandwiches.

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