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Some foods make me nausiated why is that?

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I just ate oatmeal and it's filling. I'm not 'full' or stuffed but comfortable. Also i'm a bit nausiated. Some foods do that and I don't understand the dynamics.

Broccoli and brussel sprouts do the same thing to me.

If I take a nap during the day I wake up nausiated as well and the only thing that makes it better is 1/2 C apple juice (only when waking up from a nap). I read about 'leaky gut syndrome' so maybe that's what I have I don't know.

Broccoli-fresh not frozen

Brussel Sprouts

Banana's -these I can't eat at all they make me so sick I vomit

Anyone have any thoughts on this?



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Cottage Cheese is probably the only food I've ever eaten that makes me sick to my stomach.

If something truly makes you sick, don't eat it. 

It sounds like your body is taking some time to getting used to eating high-fiber, healthy foods.  Before I started on my healthy-eating lifestyle change, I ate mostly processed, high-fat, high-calorie foods .... (and not many fresh veggies or whole grains, that's for sure!)  When I did eat high-fiber foods back then, I really experienced tummy problems (farting, gas pains, gurgling, nausea).

The cure?  Eat more high-fiber foods! Yep, that's right. Your body will adjust -- and your health will be so much better as a result!  After all, we are supposed to be eating at least 25g of fiber each day ... and what better way to do that than eat fresh veggies and whole grains? Slowly add high-fiber foods to your diet (i.e., whole-grain breads and cereals, fruits and vegetables with skins/peels, beans, peas, raisins, dates and prunes). Always increase fluid when increasing fiber.

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I have the same reaction to fresh bananas, the smell alone makes me gag. Oddly though if they are mixed in something like pancakes or banana bread I can eat them fine {as long as they are pureed in and there are no chuncks. bleeeeechhh}.

It may just be that certain foods don't sit well with you for some reason.  I'd keep a log, if they all fall in to a certain category or have something in common that might be an explanaion. Or it could just be personal taste, most of us have some foods we just cant' stand.

As long as you are getting plenty of fiber and necessary nutrietns from other sources, there is no need to force yourself to eat things you hate, that will only backfire. However before giving up completely on something, try different cooking methods to see if thtat helps. I hate raw broccoli, but when I steam it in the microwave for a minute or so, it is heavenly.  Roasting makes cauliflower great, raw it is gross.
Most high fat processed foods [real fried donuts, ground beef, etc.] do that to me, but some healthy foods do it too. Milk products and cooked green vegetables for example. I can't gag down bananas either. I dunno, if it makes me sick I just avoid it.
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if your stomach seems upset, and you know you were not eating anything you are allergic to, nor eating food that was not clean nor going bad (food poisoning), try eating yogurt(or similar foods like kifer) or take a probiotic. It will help to neutralize your guts bacteria to the new mix of foods . When you have a different diet the various populations of gut bacteria have to adjust to their new food sources. That is why taking antibiotic pill for a long time can be hard on your digestive system. the antibiotics are changing the various populations of gut bacteria. Some people do have a hard time with antibiotics, others are not at all bothered.  If the nausea is mild and goes away  and you have the patience just wait it out, your system should adjust in a few days.   Men have it lucky-never at the back of their mind is a nagging wonder if it is pregnancy - its a straightforward hypochondriac worry of food poisoning for themSmile

Thanks everyone! I guess it's just my system and it will get use to things as I go along.

The banana's strangely enough like someone said I can eat them when baked or cooked in something but not right out of the peel.


I get the same reaction to the foods you listed.  Forget about eating a banana.  They make me so sick.  My mom is the same way.  Like you mentioned I can have them in something else, but can never eat them alone.  Also I have similar reactions to green veggies.  To list a few....broccoli, lettuce, and bell peppers.  I have always associated this to having IBS.  Some times I can eat them with out problems.  I find that the closer I am to TTOM the more of a negative reaction my stomach has to those foods. 
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