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Are there foods that make you more hungry?

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I know that everyone says that a great snack is an apple.  I love apples and I do eat them.  But when I eat them I find that I am more hungry after eating them than before I ate them.

Any suggestions?
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you'll feel less hungry after an apple if you eat some protein at the same time, like a piece of string cheese

protein slows down the metabolising of the sugar in the apple

try to mix a carb and a protein for a snack that will last

I have tried that and that protein does not seem to help.  its also hard for me because I really don't eat more than 1100-1200 cals a day and so I have to make sure that I pick the right things to snack on.  I forego some things for the veggies because they are good for me and I can have more of them.

For example today i have had...

Breakfast - 3 protein pancakes with 6 black berries

Lunch - 2 slices of Pepperidge Farm Light Style 7 Grain bread with 2 oz of turkey with lettuce, onion and tomato (total cals roughly 150 cals). 1 oz of soy chips (110 cals).  1 cup of cherries (60 cals).

Snack 1 - celery, brocolli, carrots and cauliflower with 1 wedge of light laughing cow cheese (roughly 100 cals maybe)

Snack 2 - 1 small apple

Snack 3 - 12 almonds

total cals thus far is about 750. 
sugar/chocolate increases my hunger unless i'm already full. Then i just dont feel full anymore
I am not eating chocolate I am eating an apple, which I do understand has a lot of sugar in it.

Red - are you saying that sugar makes you hungry unless you are already full or chocolate?
anything with a lot of sugar in it makes me hungry about an hour after I eat or drink it.  It really sets me off on a bad path, so I avoid it.
Apples do that to me, too.  And sometimes other fruits as well.  In fact, often I don't feel hungry for breakfast but I eat it because I know I should, and sometimes I don't even feel like having dinner.  But I make myself.  And then I am often ravenous 2 hrs later.  If I skip it, I usually don't get that (btw, I really don't skip meals anymore).  Either that, or I'm full off of 3-4 bites and my cals are too low.  Then the next day I binge.

I just can't win with this food thing.  At all.  After 7 1/2 months I still fight ...hard... every day.
Sugar cereals like fruit loops!
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um no offense. but you are not eatting enough. I mean- calorically you are. but you are eatting alot of foods that are high in volume and low in calories.

Try Peanut butter on one peace of real whole grain bread. Or have a high protine cereal for breakfast like Kashi Go Lean with skim milk. Eat more fruits (6 blackberries isnt going to cut it)...
uhh...Well, maybe it's your body telling you that you're starving yourself? You can't survive on less than 1200 calories a day, and it's best to alternate for your metabolism. A bit higher some days, a bit lower, but don't starve yourself at all.

You're already at a low weight for your height. Eat, or you'll gain weight.
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today i was eating cereal as a snack and i kept going back for more, so i decided to heat up some chicken and broccoli, i find that hot foods fill me up.
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How about plain low fat yoghurt with the fruit - it is more substanidal and digests more slowly which, for me, equal satisfaction

:) Jt
im have a total craveing for mustard today =S ive already had 6 teaspoons of it not on its own but on rice cakes.mustard craveings have been happening for the past 3 days as well,strange.
hmm... i love mustard too, and i'm sure i've craved it before.  i wonder if there is something in mustard that are bodies are calling for.  is it just plain, yellow mustard?  cuz if you like spicey, wasabi mustard can be Mmm Mmm good, too. :) 
Today I brought some peanut butter to eat with either my apple or my celery. 

I know that people on this site are very cautious when they read that someone only eats about 1200 cal or less.  But for some of us, who have tried to eat more than that start to gain.  I eat really healthy and for me eating that amount on average works for me.  I am not starving myself, i am actually very healthy and my doctor says so as well.  I do have days that I eat more cals.  Those are normally on the weekends.

I appreciate the suggestions and its nice to know that other people have a hard time just with eating a apple. 

I do find that sometimes eating does make me hungier but I just live with that and sometime I eat more and sometimes not.  Maybe I need more water. 
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Oh my god, it's so sad that you are all obsessing about every tiny little thing you eat! Don't count every calorie. Just eat three average sized meals a day, including a mixture of proteins, carbohydrates and plenty of fruit of veg. If you are hungry, eat! And stop concentrating on only food; its exercise that's most important. Make sure you are active throughout the day.
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