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What foods make you look bloated?

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I notice that after eating pizza or soda even diet soda I look bloated almost instantly?  Does this happen to anyone else?  What foods do it to you? 
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Garlic and milk. Not at the same time, eeeewwww.
I get bloated when I eat too much fiber. An example of this being yesterday when I had 7 pears at once.
too much salt
Pizza, pasta, french fries... salt and simple carbs get me every time. Too bad that's all I crave!
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well I can tellya that the bloating from the soda is because of the carbonation, and the pizza because of the sodium!
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I don't know if I look bloated or just feel bloated but it's usually after eating something with a lot of salt in it, even larger than usual meals make me feel bloated ;(
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even a tiny bit of milk makes me bloat up A LOT. oddly yogurt is fine, maybe the cultures in it? booze does me in too, i had one glass of wine last nite and yeah..i looked a bit like a teletubby this morning. and salt, too much fiber, actually all carbs puff me out a bit...
soda, soda, soda!
almost everything i eat makes me bloated. i have ibs, not fun!
diet soda ugh, i want the bloating to go away =[
I gave up on pasta completely - even the whole grain stuff made me feel lethargic, bloated and chubby.  I used to eat it every other day (about 1/2 cup and mix some vegges w/ it) - so it wasn't like I was eating a lot, but about a week after I stopped eating pasta completely, my "tight jeans" were loose on me and I hadn't don't anything else different!

Of course, everyone is different and your body may react to different foods differently than others.  So, even though pasta isn't necessarily unhealthy, it's just not for me - I am so much better off not eating pasta. :)

I also gave up on lean meats (not that it made me feel bloated but I am just trying to stay away from it) and next is bread . . . although I've reduced my bread intake, I can't cut it out completely. :)
Sugar free candies.
Sunflower seeds, I'm assuming the sodium causes that.
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Anything wheat makes you bloated - that includes pasta, pizza, bread - all the good stuff :oP
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I actually get bloated after eating lots of fruit- that might just be because i love it so much though and eat tons when i do =D
But yeah, strawberries, cherries, peaches....
When you get bloated, doesn't it also make you feel full, or is it just me?
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