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Foods that make you feel full?

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With zero to low calories

I just always feel hungry and it's driving me nuts
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not exactly 0 cals, but VERY low for the amount provided...OATMEAL.  I eat it plain.  You can really think of it as a blank canvas though.  omggg, i get so full when i eat it.  I get OVERLY FULL.  It's a good way to not overexceed your cals when your really hungry though.

take care
I do the no sugar oatmeal too...also spinach- a whole cup of it is only 41 calories. I steam it up and I'm so full.
Cucumbers... I'm having it with lunch today, 1 cup is about 14 cals... satisfies the crunch too!
Carrots, celery cucs as mentioned any fresh vegetable to be honest. 

fat free cottage cheese??
One thing that really helps me is to add fresh Spinach to my sandwiches  or wraps! something about it helps to keep me full.

I also like the Dannon light and fit crave control yogurt.  It has giber in it and it really helps to keep me full until lunch.  It has 70 cals. I like the Vanilla the best!
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Really any vegetable is a good filler becasue of the high water and fiber  content. Lettuce, spinach, cucs, celery, tomatoes and even pickles!   

 Ever notice that when you go to a restaurant and eat asalad at the beginning of a meal, you end up inda picing at your dinner?  ...its the veggies that you just ate that ae you feel full!!  It's a fab dieting trick!
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yes water......
Oatmeal! I eat egg whites and oatmeal for breakfast every day and it keeps me full for a while.  When you pair proteins with low GI carbs it helps too!  I also notive that certain complex carbs make me more hungry.  For example, whole grain bread is a "trigger" food for me.  It makes me super hungry after.  When I am craving something sweet and I don't want the calories I drink a diet dr. pepper.  It conquers the craving for 0 calories.  Sometimes I'll freeze a diet soda and eat it like a slushy.  no calories and my brain thinks I'm eating something. 

salad+veg+cod (80 cals for 3 onces)!!!! + Ansely Harret Cos Cos lol
i always have a cup of tea when i am craving something!
Emily... ohhh god yes TEA! *holds up cup* 4 a day is proven to help prevent cancer you know!!!
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Breakfast or Snack I usually have

1/2 cup Low Fat Cottage Cheese, topped with "fresh" fruit or 1 small cup of Dole mandarin oranges (strained).

It's a good low cal choice and the cottage cheese has tons of protein which helps make you feel full.

It does me the trick and it's super tasty, especially if you enjoy cottage cheese.
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Yeah, TEA! It's the greatest. It makes me feel full, especially when I put a little milk in. At home I use nonfat dry milk because regular liquid milk grosses the hell out of me. Tea + milk + sugar/splenda/honey is also great way to kill dessert cravings.
another vote for veggies.  A great big green salad with lots of stuff... carrots, celery, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, peppers...almost zero calories and tons of nutrients.  But it needs some fat, both to help you absorb all the nutrients in the vegetables, and to make it more satisfying (full isn't the same as satisfied).  A little olive oil and vinegar does the trick for me.

for snacks,  I love Lara Bars.  very short ingredient list (for instance, my favorite, cherry pie flavor is "dates, almonds, unsweetened cherries"), all natural ingredients, no fillers, no added vitamins, no soy, no dairy, raw, good source of fiber (about 4 gm per bar) and healthy fats from the nuts.  typically about 200 cals, about half from fat (again, good fat).
Anything with a high amount of protein.. but its got calories.. yay calories.

Umm.. I believe eating celary and some other veggies has low calories but your body burns more calories digesting it than it has in it.
did we say tea, at all? :D
miso soup....????
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