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Foods that make you go to the bathroom

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Ever since I started my diet I'm having a hard time going to the bathroom. I might go like every 4 days because I guess im eating less. Are there any foods that help you go to the bathroom? If so, what foods?

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More fiber seems like the obvious answer.  Also, make sure you drink plenty of water!

This could be a health issue and if a couple days of fiber don't fix you up then I would go to the doctor. Every 4 days isn't normal at all.

Dont worry~ I have been dieting too, the same thing happens to me also. Your eatting less food. There isnt nothing wrong every 4 days. Everyone is different. Drink your water, and make sure you are having fruit and veg. I eat some raisians, prunes. I have went up to 6 days. But if not.. try phillips of Mag or something like that, before you go to bed. Happy dieting!! Its tough! Stay focused!

I have the same problem!  And I have found that when I finally DO have adecent BM,  I lose at least .6 of a pound.  Undecided

What kind of "diet" are you on? What are you eating, how much, what are you drinking?

Im on Nutri System~ LUV LUV LUV IT!!! I drink lots of water. Let me know if you ever go on Nutri System, I will send you a buddy buck.. get $30 off your first order, plus they have a good special going on. When I go, I lose a one lb.  I hate when it is longer then 3 days, cus then its hard to go!!! LOL LOL

You might want to try some Smooth Move Tea.  However, I experienced the same thing, and once I quit worrying about it I forgot about it and all seems good.   Less food in, less coming out and what was multiple bowel movements a day is now only one a day one every other day or more.   I eat lots of vegie's, fresh fruit (including prunes)  and fiber so I know I'm good there.   If I feel a little bloating or discomfort and I notice I have not gone for a few days, I'll drink the Smooth Move Tea.

Papaya, an daily cup of senna tea steeped for at least 30 minutes before going to sleep and a daily bowl of oatmeal.


The most obvious solution is to include more water fruits and vegetables in your diet. Fiber is vital to health and necessary for easy pooping.

Some foods especially known for helping when you are not going, bran/whole grains, prunes spinach. Lots of water! (can't emphasize that enough).

PS I will add that anything that is not usual for you counts as not regular. Some people go several times a day and others on alternate days both are within healthy ranges. If anywhere in that range is normal for you and things suddenly change, check that your fluid intake and diet are as they should be. I would say no BM longer than 3 days is something to be concerned about.

If you are doing all of the above and still require something medicinal (teas, senna, and so on) to go poop on a regular basis, then a visit to your doctor is recommended. Chronic constipation/ not going on your normal routine, is sometimes an indicator of other health issues.

To be clear, taking teas / medicine to help you poop is fine if it is occasionally used. Regular use however can make your bowel "lazy" ie you will lose the ability to go without these aids. zy-bowel-syndrome.html

ETA: from that link, "Lazy bowel syndrome is thought to be a condition that is caused by overuse of laxatives to stimulate bowel movement. The common cause of the use of laxatives, both natural and chemical, is constipation."

I was having issues returning to regular when I first changed my diet around - counting calories and such. I had increased fiber and water, but I think my body was so used to just chucking fat and grease that it was in shock.  ;)

I added 2 prunes a day for about two weeks, made sure I ate more than enough fiber and water, and if it got bad, a little shot of espresso.

My body regulated itself pretty readily and as long as I eat what I should, I'm back to normal!

I know I don't get enough fiber, however, I eat fresh veggies, spinach skinny noodles, oatmeal, grapefruit, (for breakfast and lunch)  and usually a very good dinner of protein, carbs, and vodka.  SmileTongue out  I have lost over 20 lbs since Nov. 15th.

Papaya and senna tea sound great!  I will try it.

First, are you sure that you're eating enough? Starvation diets will certainly have that effect.

After that I'd look at your fiber and fat intakes. Dietary fat keeps things moving along smoothly. Avocados are obviously high in calories, but they're great for constipation.

 Make fiber your friend along with the water you're drinking. Not just fruit and veggies, but powder, BROWN rice, and flax seeds too!

If you're into smoothies and shakes, add 3 rounded tsp of psyllium powder and 1 tbsp of flax seeds to the other ingredients in the blender. The combination of fiber, liquid, and whipped air will make you feel more full. If this is your 1st time using psyllium, I suggest the Metamucil Original Unflavored Coarse texture [or whatever in-store knock-off brand].

Yes, I know it has sugar in it, but 1 tsp is only 25 calories and 3 grams fiber. 3 tsp will sweeten 1 cup of unsweetened cool-aid. That's a hella lot better than a can of reg. soda or glass of southern brewed iced tea. Plus it's got 9 grams of fiber! Later on, if you want, you can ween yourself off the Metamucil and get a health food store brand with no sugar.

Beware though! With psyllium, you can't let it sit in a liquid too long or it will thicken into a gel that you'll have to choke down [if you dare]! 5 minutes MAX!!! aND i MEAN IT!

Flax? you can sprinkle it on just about ANYTHING.

Senna tea is awesome. Love that Smooth Move Chocolate Tea.

Thanks!  Your suggestions are very welcome.  I am ready to try something different.  I have entered into a plateau on my weight loss and think your 'starvation mode' theory might have some truth to it.



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