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Are there foods you no longer eat that you ate when overweight?

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I tend to be much more careful about my sugar intake now, and generally avoid empty calories but I've noticed that some members here have a mentality that it's just fine to have them on a daily basis. I can see both sides of the idea, but I'm curious to see what people say when directly asked.


So do you limit your options, or is it a free for all?

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(1) I completely gave up things like greasy fast food hamburgers.

(2) I seldom eat things like deep fat fried onion rings and french fries.  Other deep fat fried foods that I still eat such as shrimp -- I eat only occasionally.

(3) I still eat some of the other "empty calorie" foods -- but much more sparingly.

(4) I still drink beer and wine -- just not as often.

My weakness is all things chocolate. And baked goods. And chips.

So, there are certain foods I don't buy because I know I have low-resistance to them; if they're in my house, they'll be gone in minutes. Also, at work, there are regularly snacks brought into the office for everyone. I know if I start, I'll just keep eating them. I have a few pounds to lose, so right now, I avoid them altogether. If I don't start, I won't get 10 timbits in and realize I just ate the equivalent of 3 donuts. 

However, part of my health goals are learning how to moderate, to develop the will-power to be able to have SOME, but stop at a serving, to learn to enjoy a little of a 'bad-for-you' food without falling into the realm of indulgence and over-eating. It's going to be hard, but I think it's important to allow little enjoyments like that into a varied diet, as long as the portions are controlled.

I like the idea of moderation, and I'm successful at it with most things. Sugar is the exception - I will eat sweets at people's houses, and I will make a sweet dessert when we have dinner parties, but other than this - NO SUGAR. I get all addict-y about it. And the purer, the better I like it. Like, I'll take hard candies and gummies over cake or chocolate any day, and I will eat them until I'm physically ill. I have weight to lose, but this will not change once I'm in maintenance mode. So yeah, no sugar.

I'm trying to generally live healthier so, yes, I have cut out some old foods.  Foods that are nutritionally low such as processed highly refined chips, certain breads, crackers, etc.  Foods high in refined sugar, such as ice cream, sodas, juices, etc.  I don't miss the snack food and I get my sugar mostly from fruits.  Other than a couple times a year for birthdays and stuff (and a small serving at that), I see no reason to partake in these foods.  After I reduced my sugar intake for a long time, commercial sweets became too sweet for my liking so its easy to continue the trend.

I haven't completely cut anything from my diet, but there are certain things that I never, ever buy anymore and only eat when someone I'm with offers them to me, including taco chips, fruit juice, and most deep fried foods. I was shocked when I learned how high-calorie taco chips are - they're worse than some potato chips! And I don't really see the point of juice - at 150 sugary, fiberless calories a cup, I'd much rather eat a piece of fruit. I was never a fan of deep fried foods anyway, so that's not much of a shift. Junk food was always junk food to me - I always knew what empty calories were and treated them as such. I indulged occasionally then, just as I indulge occasionally now; I was never a junk food addict.

Actually, when I was overweight, it wasn't because of empty calories but because of an excess of calorie-dense healthy foods like beans, rice, pasta, bread and nuts. I still eat lots of carbs, but I'm much more mindful of them now - I no longer mindlessly munch on bread and scarf down bowls of rice. And I only eat calorie-dense foods when they're tasty enough to be worth it! I've become a total bread snob and don't really bother with commercial bread. And I only eat rice that's cooked perfectly; a bowl of mushy rice is not worth 300 calories to me. Also, when I eat meals, the only thing I have "seconds" of is vegetables and lean proteins; sugars, starches and fats are one-serving foods. So if I'm eating pasta and I finish a bowl and want more, I'll eat greens or extra veggies with pasta sauce, rather than another bowl of pasta. 

I've changed the roles that certain foods play in my diet - I now try to make fruits and vegetables the base of every meal, rather than starches. I'll often substitute a large bed of greens for the traditional starch (eg. burger patty and toppings on greens instead of a bun; poached eggs on greens instead of toast; chunky tomato-vegetable sauce on spinach instead of pasta). Sometimes I'll substitute a vegetable stew for the starch, as well (eg. eating poached eggs on ratatouille instead of toast; eating fish in tomato stew rather than over rice). I treat beans as a carb rather than a protein. I treat nuts as a fat rather than a protein. I treat dried fruits as candy rather than fruit. I treat potatoes and sweet potatoes as starches rather than vegetables. I treat a banana as two fruits instead of one. I treat granola and breakfast cereals as desserts or high-energy snacks rather than breakfast. I treat muffins as a cake or a large pastry rather than a meal (or part of a meal). I treat alcoholic drinks as a treat to be savoured rather than a beverage to be guzzled (again, I've become a total snob and don't bother with domestic beer and crappy wine anymore. If I'm going to consume 300 calories worth of something, I want it to be delicious). I treat protein/energy bars as candy rather than health food. I treat a standard-sized bar of dark chocolate as a week's supply rather than a single dessert. And I treat dressings, sauces and condiments as a sugar or a fat (depending on the sauce) rather than some kind of "free food." I treat crackers as chips rather than some kind of wholesome staple starch.

It's all about perspective :)

For me, I would say that it's more the quantity and quality that has changed.

Instead of three doughnuts mid morning, I might have one mini peppermint pattie. Still something sweet but not nearly so much of it. I used to love strawberries and cream (with lots of sugar, of course) now I still have my strawberries but top them with yoghurt instead and enjoy their natural sweetness. 

I still occasionally drink the same red wine that I've always loved, but now, I just drink one measured glass of it, instead of finishing the bottle.

I was never a huge fan of fast food and actually find that now my general diet is much cleaner, I can't tolerate high levels of greasiness especially from fried food. In fact I tend to avoid that as much as possible. For instance if the dining choice of the evening is KFC, instead of freaking out about how unhealthy fried food is etc I will get the grilled chicken and 2 portions of green beans. That's it.

I've always loved a huge variety of veggies, but I used to douse them in butter or sauce or dip. Now I simply steam them or eat them raw.. and big surprise, they are still delicious! I especially love raw veggies (eg radishes, carrot sticks, celery, bell peppers) as a side to my lunchtime sandwich, replacing the chips I used to eat. Still lots of crunch (yey) but I've added another portion of veggies to my day. 

Other than the wine I mentioned, I avoid all drinks that have more than negligible calories. I don't drink fancy coffee, smoothies or milkshakes and never ever drink soda (but then I didn't drink it before either).

I've totally given up fast food and alcohol. Over Easter I ate a lot of chocolate for the first time in a long time and it gave me such a bad stomach that I've now given that up too.

I completely cut out white bread, pasta and rice (except in sushi if they don't have brown rice, but I have sushi very, very rarely).

I still have whole grain pasta and brown rice on occasion, but that's just because I love spicy curries (some are too spicy to be eaten on their own) and pasta... However, I do eat them in very, very small amounts.

I also don't eat anything with added sugar anymore, except for dark chocolate (it's the only thing that satisfies me in very small amounts and doesn't leave me craving more). Juice and regular chocolate make me feel sick now.

Also, if I can't track it, I'll very, VERY seldom eat it.

I stopped eating most pasta dishes because I wasn't a huge fan anyway.

Almost never eat fast food anymore and I eat few fried foods.

Biggest one for me was drinks like those frappacinos. Can't touch them now. Lol.
McDonalds and although not a food, mayo. When I was overweight I used to buy twoMcdoubles and fries every week. I find myself not craving them really, just thinking about eating them makes me kind of grossed out :/

I wasn't overweight (chubby, borderline) but I don't drink chocolate milk anymore, and I don't eat desserts twice a day, and I'm a little more health-conscious about what I do put in my mouth (understatement).

Also, the only meat I eat is fish. I don't drink regular soda, and I try not to drink soda in general.

No, but there are things I don't eat nearly as often.  And I eat less of most things.

I was never overweight--- my highest was about 120lbs, but I had a high percentage of body fat from eating lots of junk, and just looked chubby for my 5'2 frame. 

I remember I used to eat a lot of bread/sandwiches, chocolate, and those little debbie cakes-- we always had junk food around because my mom seems to think that everyone needs to have a 500 calorie sugar loaded "treat" with our lunch at school. 

I packed on 20lbs my first year of high school since I stopped playing soccer, and my school was directly across the street from Mc Donalds, 7/11, Tim Hortons, and Subway. Me and my friends would go eat crappy food from Mc Donalds for lunch, then chase it down with a large Slurpee... I remember having donuts for a snack in my class, and sometimes those 5 cent candies from 7/11. Some days we would go be "healthy" and get subs from Subway-- a foot long of ANYTHING is NOT HEALTHY!! Especially when it's refined white flour buns, with processed meat, and lots of mayo-- YUCK!! I hate when people think Subway is healthy. 

So yeah, lots of junk and no exercise made a chubby Carmen 

In my grade 11 year of high school I fell into the grasps of anorexia, and although it was awful at the time; I am actually glad it happened or else I would not know as much about nutrition and proper eating as I do now. 

Its unfortunately true that sometimes it takes being in a very unhealthy place to help you to recognize how important being healthy is.


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Frosted miniwheats and raisin bran are out. Bad memories.

Everything else is still in. I wouldn't say I eat less of anything. I'm a lot more active than I used to be. 

For me calorie counting is nutrient blind. If I stay on a small deficit I maintain my weight no matter what I eat. I eat a lot of healthy whole foods, but I also eat donuts and cookies.

Yes, I avoid foods that I know may trigger additional bad choices. I've been through this before and I know that a 450 cal cheeseburger is NBD. But just being in the wrong place can be a path to nutrition sabotage. The burger turns into a combo despite best intentions. The resulting blown lunch or dinner leads to more bad decisions due to the "I will get back on track tomorrow" thing. That leads to a weekend off. I end up hungover on Mon and miss a workout. You get the idea. That's how I put weight back on the last two times. It's was a gradual change of making bad choices and being lazy after the choice was made. I treat my problem like an alcoholic does, I avoid what I know will drag me down.

I do not eat:

-Anything processed

-Anything dairy

-Any nuts or seeds (except flax)

-Any sugar

-Any caloric drinks

-Any unhealthy oils (trans fats, etc)

-(Drink) Any alcohol

-Any grain-fed meat products

-Any deli meats (unless they're Boar's Head or Applegate Farms Brand)

-Mayonnaise and other misc condiments

I don't drink soda anymore

no fast food

no pop tart I use to live on those things

I now eat my cereal with yogurt so I don't get to much of them

I now don't eat (at all)

- Fast food (exceptions: Sushi and very occasionally, Subway)

- Fattym overprocessed cuts of meat (e.g. sausages)

- Sweet pastries, donuts, etc (A small piece of cake is okay if it's literally someone's birthday)

- Savoury pastries (pies, sausage rolls, pasties, etc- except for one exception where it was eat some pie or skip a meal)

- Fried foods of any description

- I generally avoid most processed foods nowadays. I used to pretty much live on things that came out of packets and cans. Now I very rarely need to find the can opener or eat something that came pre-packaged.


There are other things I don't eat, e.g. ice cream, but I was never a sugar fiend with an ice cream habit to begin with, so it'd be cheating to pretend I'd given it up.


Original Post by reissue:

Yes, I avoid foods that I no may trigger additional bad choices. I've been through this before and I know that a 450 cal cheeseburger is NBD. But just being in the wrong place can be a path to nutrition sabotage. The burger turns into a combo despite best intentions. The resulting blown lunch or dinner leads to more bad decisions due to the "I will get back on track tomorrow" thing. That leads to a weekend off. I end up hungover on Mon and miss a workout. You get the idea. That's how I put weight back on the last two times. It's was a gradual change of making bad choices and being lazy after the choice was made. I treat my problem like an alcoholic does, I avoid what I know will drag me down.

This is so true it hurts. I had a minor meltdown last night over what I ate yesterday and when my supporters wanted to know why I was being so hard on myself with an A for nutrition and a large deficit, I couldn't really explain "Because I had SUBWAY. And if I get to thinking Subway is okay, tomorrow it might be KFC!"

I stopped cooking the way I used to. I'm not kidding when I say I used to cook EVERYTHING in vegetable oil. I'm a fried food nut so I cut back on that. I would come home starving everyday and was never patient enough to cook or put together a light lunch so, I would either grab the entire bag of chips or the carton of ice cream and I would basically eat until I was completely stuffed! I definitely stopped doing that. I eat ice cream and chips in strict moderation and no more cooking ANYTHING in oil! It feels good! Can't wait to start seeing results from these awesome changes!
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