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Foods that Increase Estrogen Levels

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OBGYN said I have very low estrogen level. how can I change my diet to help with the medications she gave me? I would love to hear from women who have this problem and whether changing their diet has helped them to increase their estrogen level.

what should I eat and what not?



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I don't know this for certain, but I've heard soy increases estrogen. You might look into it.

Thanks, Rindi. I have been looking online but couldn't find good sources. I wish I could find a book about that.


i second soy. soy milk, miso, tofu are just some examples, also if you look at vegeterian products that are meat substitutes like soy burgers, etc. they also sell bars like soyjoy and protein soy powders as well.

This is coming from a male - definitely soy products do increase estrogen - the way I know is there was a big article about it in Men's Health a month ago or so. It had some good information.

thanks everyone. soy and tofu will be number one in my diet. I read that broccoli is not good for women who want to increase their estrogne level. Is that true? has anyone heard anything about that? I have found this on more than one website. actually, broccili is important to me  so i want to make sure before I elminiate it.


Anything in moderation is fine. Don't eliminate broccoli because you feel it will have a slight health disadvantage.  Having low estrogen isn't the worse thing in the world to have.  You are over alarmed, unless your doctor told you that you must definitely do life style changes.  Trust them over internet information.  And if you are really so concerned, a homopathic nutritionist would be a route to go.  Some GNC stores have them or you might be able to find an independent person.

So . . . my point is don't give up broccoli!

Take care and God Bless.

Soy by the gallon. Drink soy milk, eat soy beans (edemame, yum!) fake meat products and tofu. Vegetarians often have the problem of TOO much estrogen due to the amount of soy they consume for protein.

thanks. But I heard bad things about excessive consumption of soy products... is that correct?

Well, the bad thing seems to be too much estrogen. But you need estrogen - so adding some soy products into your diet should help you. As long as you eat soy in moderation with other protein sources, you should be fine. Like, say you replace 3 servings of meat per week with a soy protein instead, and relace 2-4 servings per week of whatever milk product you were going to eat/drink with a soy product. That would increase your estrogen without overloading.

thanks mel_e_mel for the explanation :) I actually heard about the link between soy and cancer. I am not sure if it is true. I don't eat meat actually. I can only eat sea foods.

if you know any online websites or books on that subject, please let me know. Thanks again. 

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