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What foods help you poo?

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I know it sounds weird.
But I haven't been "number 2-ing" for like 3 days.
And its akward,
so what foods help you poop?
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high-fiber breakfast cereals, berries, apples, raisins. the high-fiber foods, but really anything high-fiber should do the trick.

Any kind of chili, salsa, etc. and any kind of soup with beans.

Happy crapping........LOL...........

When I was a kid, my mom used to give me canned orange segments and it always worked! Beans and high-fiber cereal should help too! I haven't had a problem for a long time!
popcorn and red wine.  Good luck! 
Is it a bad idea to eat high-fibre cereal at night?
Everyone is right about the fiber foods, but remember to drink tons of water to keep things moving as well.
keep in mind though that foods that help u poo will also ironically bind u up if u eat too many...brussel sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, lots of fruit, oatmeal - all ahs this effect when i eat lots of it.
As eridrummond pointed out, drink lots of water and also be sure to get enough fats in your diet - at least 15-30% of your calories should come from fat.

For the long run, include oatmeal, veggies, beans and such in your diet. For the quick fix (the less pleasant way, haha) I find that kiwis, bananas, and popcorn "flush out" the system. :)

Apple juice, prune juice, pear juice, these are what I was told for my son, although he is 4 months, but I think it would still work. I was also told that there is a fine line btwn having enough to make you poo and too much where you are constipated. Also I heard lemon juice and apple cider vinegar is a diaretic, but it has only been 3 days so I don't think you have to go to that extreme

Second the prune juice idea.
Make sure that you drink a TON of water with your fiber so you don't get even more stopped up...

When I drink TONS of water I never notice it helping me in the poo area.  I've always seemed to have a problem, meaning I only go a couple of times a week even if I eat high fiber foods and enough fat as well.  Maybe that's just the way my body functions.  I guess we're all different but I sure would love to go a couple of times a day like some people.  My husband goes after every meal.  LUCKYYYYYYY!!!!

Everything on here sounds good but if this is a constant issue for you I would suggest something else.  Go to your local Health Food or Grocer and buy some Acidophillus (sp?) tablets.  Acidophillus is a wonderfully helpful little bacteria that naturally takes up residence in all of us.   You should get the refridgerated, that is usually the most active culture.    Sometimes you get "bound" up not only because of what you're eating but sometimes your system actually gets thrown out of whack over time.  I had a similar problem and I was very pleasantly surprised when I tried the Acidophillus after every meal.  That with the fiber helped me to become very regular, going on average twice a day.  Try it for about 3 months and see if it helps.  If not you may want to see a doctor to see if maybe something else may be going on.  Good luck, I know how awful it can be to just want some relief!!
well I tell you this... I have

1/2 dry oatmeal with water 1/2 apple or 1/2 banana and 1 TBSP of Natural PB every morning and a glass of cold water 5- 10 minutes later and in 20 minutes Im going #2, feel so good.... now

but before my diet was very low in fiber 10-15 (high carbs), and it was going every 2 days or maybe 3, horribleeeee....... now im eating around 25-30 g and going 2 times every day..... is good i think because im loosing weight lol.....
Well first off please if you were thinking about it ASK A DOCTOR before you resort to laxatives: They can be addictive and dangerous, I've had some baaad experiences... =[

Oranges and Raisin Bran are good though, and my dad says corn and beans but they don't work for me specifically.

Time to put on my doctor's hat.  If you aren't getting enough fiber, eat food with higher fiber content.  Still having problems, make sure you're drinking enough fluid.  I recommend against laxatives, beleive it or not the old standards of pear or prune juice really work.  They have a poorly digestible sugar in them that passes unchanged into the gut. 

Once there the body tries to balance the sugar concentration in the gut by keeping more water there, the result, softer more manageable poo (I sound like a shampoo comercial)


When you said you sound like a shampoo commercial, it made me laugh out loud.  LOL.........I hope I didn't wake everybody up.

Thanks for your input, I give my little guy (almost 2) pear juice once a day (only 4 oz mixed with 4 oz of water) and I think that helps him stay regular.  I should try it.


to get things going:



Coffee, cola drinks

wheat cereal (also bulks) 

to bulk up:




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dried apricots

I give my son raisins.  For the same issue.
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