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What foods would help me GAIN weight?

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I am currently at about 157 lbs and really would love to be at around 180 lbs for football season next summer. I eat as much protein as I can and use protein drinks and work out twice everyday but I still find it isn't enough. I need some advice on which foods I should be picking not just to help me gain fatty weight but more muscle weight.
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my friend who needed to gain weight for football last year used to carry a loaf of white bread and a jar of skippy peanut butter to school. he'd snack all day long, and by day's end, he had finished the whole loaf/jar. that's definitely one way to do it!
I find that almost everytime I go on a diet then stop I gain an extra 5 pounds so you could try that. What is sad is, it's true...

P/S They use corn to fatten cows I would try that too. Protein and EFA's are GREAT for muscle but grains will pack it on. The fatty weight will only happen if you sit on your butt.
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Alright well thanks for the tips guys. I actually just recently switched to white bread so I'll try to eat more of it. Corn too then!
my friend who needed to gain weight for football last year used to carry a loaf of white bread and a jar of skippy peanut butter to school. he'd snack all day long, and by day's end, he had finished the whole loaf/jar. that's definitely one way to do it!

lol.  anyway i think nuts (any type) are good for weight gain, or energy bars.  be careful tho, once you are at your goal weight it may be hard to get back down to maitinence!!
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Nuts eh? Alright I'll go pick some up at WalMart or something lol.
pasta is always good too.  I'm pretty sure that's one of the main things that caused my huge weight gain!!
Its all about calories. If you ate 5000 calories of lettuce a day you'd gain weight. More weight than if you had 1500 of butter. Mind you you'd be dealthy sick
But if you wanna gain, chances are you wanna gain muscle and gain weight healthily (so no pigging out on krispy kremes!!). So more protein (coupled with exercise, such as weights training) is good.
If you have trouble reaching your daily cals, try things like -

Cal dense food - rice, potatoes, bread as staples, natural dried fruit - its a heck of a lot easier to eat 100 cals of rasisins than it is to eat 100 cal of grapes, if you are full. Nuts too, tho watch not too much and try and get raw unsalted ones.

Add skim milk poweder to your milk or anything you can hide it in

Try drinking juice instead of water. Stick to the pulpy, no added sugar kind.

Sure you can stuff your face full of cake and thats easy (unless you're alregic) but you may get health problems down the track,
just eat eat eat eat eat eat eat..... and then eat some more. seriously. if you want to gain weight, you have to stuff yourself until you are really uncomfortably full. it doesnt feel too great, but thats the only way to do it because our bodies are so efficient. if you give it some extra calories, it will most likely speed up your metabolism to compensate. so you have to work really hard and go against that.

yes, it's true that you need your protein if you want to build muscle mass, but if you just eat more protein and don't do weight training it wont do anything. also, don't overdo it because excess protein will just be stored as fat and it is also hard for your kidneys to break down.

i gained weight by eating avocados, english muffins, peanut butter, drinking milk and soymilk with every meal, drinking protein shakes in addition to meals, eating dried fruit, nuts, whole wheat pasta, etc. etc.
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I drink 2L of 2% milk everyday so I feel liek I'm on track there and I just recently switched to white bread instead of whole wheat. I'll get up on pasta and nuts eating though. I'll try anything really. And stuffing myself sounds liek a good idea, just until I have to go buy more groceries ... lol. O well. Here goes. Thanks again guys for helping out.
They sell MASS XXX at GNC... It's something you blend into shakes and it's formulated for weight gain...

I think they've started selling a similar product at Wally World...
I'm not impressed with some of the replies you've been receiving.

If you need to gain some muscle weight, then you are going the right way about it (protein). The nut idea is excellent, although many people say you should only have one portion of nuts a day. Nuts however, are great because they are full of cals and have got protein and the right kinds of fat. Mmm, peanut butter.

Remember that there's a difference between putting on weight and putting on healthy weight or muscle weight. Putting on muscle weight is obviously much better for someone who wants to put on weight due to athletic reasons.

I up my calorie intake by drinking juice as well - a glass of apple juice contains 100-150kcals. You're doing well with the milk too. Sounds like you're on the right track.

You must weight train though. This is what all that protien's for!! There are plenty of websites out there that can give you better advice then me though, like this one ge=MassGainDiets

Good Luck!! :)
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        Hmm most of these replies are actually wrong, first of all switching from white bread to whole wheat bread is a really bad idea.  Whole wheat bread is the same as white bread in terms of calories but whole wheat bread has many more nuitrents in it opposed to white bread.  Also eating lots of white bread promotes fat gain because of the extremely high  GI of it, and you want lean muscle mass for football not fat.

    Eating lots of nuts and peanut butter however is a good idea.  They are high in calories and contain lots of different healthy fats. Low GI carbs are great also, oatmeal, potatos, brown rice, and fruit are just some examples.

    Also not sure what you mean by workout twice a day, if its with weights your doing your body more harm then good.  At least you should rest 2 days between working out a specific body part with weights to achieve maximum growth.  If its not weights for the first few months cut down cardio somewhat to make the weight gain easier and as the football season starts to approach slowly add cardio back into your workout schedule.

    Just have to try to eat 5-6 smaller meals each day with some protein, low GI carb, and a healthy fat.  For your weight starting somewhere around 2600 calories makes sense and see how much the scale moves and adjust accordingly.
I think the person above meant not to switch TO white bread FROM whole wheat, not the other way round, and I totally agree with him.

Anything that's white as opposed to brown (pasta, bread etc.) has more sugar in it. You need sugar for energy, but natural sugar, like that found in fruit! Not processed foods.

Basically, I think you should just stick to a healthy diet, with maybe a more protein then normal, and weight train.
You want to gain weight? Fine.
 Remember, if you want to go to 180 over a month, you will only gain about 1/3 muscle and 2/3 fat. Muscle isnt' added overnight, you will usually gain around 5lbs a month with HARD WORK.

Now, if you don't want to be a fatass by the football season, here is what you do:

No juices.. they are sugar packed.. you DO NOT WANT ANY SUGARS because you will gain fat.

No white bread.. little if any pasta. WHEAT bread if you must.. better yet veggies, brown (wild) rice for carbs.

Fats are ok. Nuts, drink some fish oil or flaxseed oil couple of tablespoons daily.

What you NEED and MUST eat plenty of is protein.

So go get yourself a tub of whey powder, you will be drinking 5 scoops daily. (around 100g-150g should come from your shakes)

the other protein will come from real meals - chicken, tuna (learn to love canned), cottage cheese.

Carbs I already mentioned -you will need around 300g daily.. so figure how much that will be.

Remember you are eating 6 times a day now so split that up between meals.

Last meal of the day - NO CARBS AT ALL. Just fats and protein.. you dont want the added fat.

For fats- aim for 90-100g daily.

Workout 3-4 times a week.. COMPOUND HEAVY weights 4-8 rep range.. if i see you do 10 sets on bicep curls i will smack you myself. keep reps for everything under 6-7.

Stick with it.. eat workout sleep.. in 5 months you can be 180 of MUSCLE and not 180 of fat.

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I assume that with football, you don't wanna lose your speed or power.

Go to GNC (if you've got one)...I think they've got some weight gain products (mostly protein-rich).

Keep working out like crazy, lifiting especially.

Lots of protein, whole grains, etc.  All the healthy stuff, just in larger quantities.
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Wow. That sounds great! Thanks alot there rightguy. I will try those ideas. I love the 6-7 rep thing too. Been trying it for a while, been working well but I work out about 10-12 times a week these days lol. I'm really trying. Anyways, thanks again man.
ive heard a lot of guys say chipotle is a good way to go to gain for sports. The burritos give you a mix of stuff you need and as long as you are doing strength training, you should be able to build lots of muscle which will bulk you up. Eat lots of protein and carbs to sustain you.
complex carbs w/ protein - beans and legumes and products made from them.
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Im recovering from an ed and I had to gain alot of weight. its hard to eat all the food necessary to gain weight... but what I did was have 5 or 6 little mini meals.

My favorite would be cereal and scoops of peanut butter before bed.

You can gain weight without eatting sweets. im a health nut so it was hard to gain weight because people were like "here just eat ice cream..." That wouldnt make me feel good.

Just increase the amount of food you eat...

...oh and have fun with it. Its fun to gain weight when everyone around you seems to want to loose it.

and the best part is is that once you get to where you want to be... you can still eat teh same amount of food!! So you dont get to tease yourself... so i am about to enjoy my peanut butter... without gaining weight!
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i second terrier08......... nutrition is just as important as ganing wt , im recovering from anorexia and i wouldnt eat white bread or things like that ......... i have been ganing good wt on wholegrains , nuts and vegetables with extra protein from fish......... i feel healthy and its a life long thing!
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