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Does some foods you haven't had in a long time upset your stomach when you have them again?

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I haven't had ice cream in a pretty long time, because I've been eating very well for the past 3 months. I have cheated a few times, the occasional chocolate or an extra helping at supper - which is fine, it keeps me sane. But tonight I had strawberries and a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream after supper, because I thought heck, it's the weekend and I haven't had any ice cream in ages!

Now, I have the worst stomach ache ever. The funny thing is, in the past I could easily eat MUCH more than that. And now, it's almost like my body is rejecting it.

Has anyone found this? After eating well and cutting out 'bad foods' for so long, that the things you used to eat actually make you feel a bit sick?
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ya, that happens to me too. i had some fried calamari rings a few weeks back and i felt kinda sick. guess im not used to eating deep fried crap anymore lol
Yeah, and i know lots of people who dont eat ice cream regularily and cant after a few months.
I think that happened to me.
I stopped eating cheese (high fat) after a suspected tummy ulcer. It turned out it wasnt one, and I was fine, but kept away from cheese for my diet.
After a few months I noticed, when I had a burger I got tummy cramps. I didnt know what it was. Did it again next week. Took of the cheese the week after and no problem. Hmm. Did a bit more experimenting. Suddenly I coudln't eat cheese. However, I had 2 or so glasses of skim milk a day - high lactose, and cheese is low lactose (in some cases).
Gradually I found more htings I couldn't eat anymore. Yogurt first. Then recently icecream. HUge tummy cramps after 1 scoop.

Im not sure what it is but i know a guy the same. He cant have cream cheese or icecream, but milk is fine. If i find out what it is, i'll tell you.

Could be developing a resitance to high fat or cultures or something. Your body will be changing because of your diet too.
oooh no! don't tell me that!  i LOOOOOVE ice cream.  and for the first time in a few weeks i had an icecream sandwich last night and i've had the _____ ever since.  please God, no, don't let it be the ice cream!
Personally, I don't think our bodies are wired for eating dairy. I think it's something we have trained ourselves to eat. So, when you cut out the icecream/sourcream/cheese for a while, your body rebels when you put it back.

My father grew up on a small island in a remote part of the world and his community had little access to dairy products growing up. They only farmed sheep and poultry. The only milk they had was the powdered kind imported from other places, and definitely no cheese or full cream products. When he moved to a more "modern" country at the age of 10, he discovered he could not eat cheese, cream, or other fatty dairy products without being violently ill. He is now 60 and has slowly learned to tolerate some of the milder cheeses, like cottage and ricotta, but can not stomach the strong stuff.

Someone once wrote that milk is designed for growing infants, not adult bodies, and to make it worse - we're consuming the milk of a totally different species. It's just not designed for us.
my experience has been just the opposite.  I gave up ice cream for 3 years, then went back to eating it without any trouble.

Gave up chocolate for 2 years, then went back to eating it, no problems.

However, I am experiencing what I call a true change in my body's cravings.  I am sitting here at the table on my laptop, and within 2 feet of me are some homemade chocolate brownies, and they do not look tempting.  there's also a half gallon of ice cream in the freezer, and the family had some last night and again at lunch today, and I have not had any desire for ice cream.

I'm going to go get that last apple before someone else gets it . . .
This thread reminded me of a recent discovery on the evolutionary development of lactose tolerance in East African tribes... volve.html?fta=y

Adult humans did not naturally require lactose after infancy, but as we started domesticating certain animals and consuming their milk more regularly - voila!  Evolution gave us the ability to digest dairy.  And more recently the same mutation has naturally and independently occurred in Africa.  Interesting, no?

But I am not trying to make any comments about your own evolutionary development...  ;)  in fact, unless you have cut out all dairy from your diet, I would guess you are ill from the sugar overdose.
Yep, many foods I used to eat either make me sick or just don't taste good anymore.  Fried foods and other fatty foods do my digestive system in.  Had a small scoop of Baskin-Robbins a few weeks back, ate a third of it and found it was too rich to eat anymore.  Put the rest in the freezer for the next day, but when I looked at it, I didn't even want it, threw it away.  Had a burger the other day, it just sounded so good and my husband makes a great burger at our restaurant, but afterward my stomach hurt so badly, I told him if I request a burger again to remind me of how miserable I felt.  So I am sticking to my whole grains, fruits, veggies, grilled chicken, and fish.  That food tastes good and my body is happy. 
I can no longer eat fried foods, which I used to love, or very rich desserts.  Whole milk just tastes wrong.  I never thought this would happen.
I went to see the Vikings game yesterday and had a Hot Dog.  I was so sick last night.  Haven't had a real hot dog for quite some time.  I must say it was very good, but not worth the cramps I had last night.
I don't do well with any fatty meal now. I'm just not used to eating that way.
Yes. Full fat ice cream..sugary things..fatty things...dairy...biiiiiig portions...all result in me having insane amounts of indigestion and taking copious gas-x pills in order to not go to the ER. No joke.
Yeah, I find any excessive fats or oils, but i think its partially mental. I cant have lie yogurt, only no fat, and butter makes me crigne. Cheese is the worst offender, but low-fat cottage cheese is ok. People think i'm lying and am just on a no fat diet, but its so annoying - i really do get stomach aches after eating these things. Is tehre some medical condition or explaination I can quote??
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