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Foods easy on the stomach

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I'm not feeling too hot. I feel like I just swallowed a.. heck, I don't know, but something big and nasty. But I haven't eaten much today, so I know I need something to eat.

Are there any foods that you recommend I eat or should avoid? I heard you should avoid dairy when you're stomach feels icky, but I wasn't sure... All suggestions appreciated! :)
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Simple carbohydrates are easy to digest, as are things that are already soft. Rice porridge or soup might do the trick for you.

Hope you feel better soon.
the BRAT "diet" is often recommended for "rumbly tumblys"

Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast (dry or lttle bit of jam)

and GINGER ale (ok, that's what my mom always gave us... -- but ginger is a known stomach soother)

Stay away from milks and fats -- they tend not to be kind on an upset tummy
Thats a shame about your stomach Mutt!

I agree with carbs, especially dry like saltines or toast. 

I definitely would suggest some over the counter help like an antacid.  Hopefully some tums or maalox can have your evening looking better!
sun123 beat me to the punch regarding antacids. :) I also agree with the rest of posters about carbs.

Hope you feel better soon!
Thanks for all the suggestions! Unfortunately, what I thought was a case of the 'rumbly tumblies' turned out to be a 'start-of-school-virus-that-has-you-moaning-b y-the-toilet-and-puking-umblies.' ):

Toast has been helping, and I plan on having oatmeal for lunch or dinner. Is cinnamon good? Also, what veggies would be best? Right now I would love to have a couple slices of cool cucumber, but now that I'm recovering, I don't want to throw off my stomach again.

Also, to up my protein, would a fruit smoothie of vanilla whey protein powder, banana, and plain nonfat yogurt be alright? I'd also like to add some cinnamon/ginger for flavor, but I'll wait for some andswers.

Thanks again all. :)
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