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Foods that get your bowels moving

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What are some foods/ drinks that will definately make you poop. They can be anything from diet teas/pills, liquids, foods etc. I want to know!
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Coffee is like magic for me.  I'm not sure if that's a fact though =)
Brans Buds ............ FIBER FIBER FIBER.......... Put in yogurt!!!!
Fruits/veggies and whole grains --especially Broccoli and blueberries.
doesn't bran solidify your poop though?
try eating an apple--a nurse once told me that was the genesis for 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away'
Prune juice.
haha does prune juice even taste good?????
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ROFLMAO You did not ask for things that tasted good LOL you asked for something that works!

Put it on ice it isnt all that terrible LOL
hahaha! No no give suggestions to me even if they taste terrible! I open to anything :)
Lots of dried apricots.
Figs, Prunes, Dates.  spinach does wonders for me. 

Any high fiber food - but you need to also drink water 3 oz of water for each gram of fiber consumed to help get things moving along.

Oatmeal and milled flax seed does wonders as well.

Lots of vitamin C  whether a vitamin or drink it.  I use Crystal light's moning drink.

If you find you still have trouble - Colon Clenz is wondeful.  Walmart vitamin section has it. 
do mushrooms do anything?
I have never heard of eating mushrooms to get things moving. I would try one thing at a time till one of these things does it, but not everything at once.
haha if i ate all of these things at once i would be shitting my brains  out!
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You would have to totally evacuate anyone else out of the place first. wooooweeee!
yep, i just had some post fireworks myself about 10 mins ago...
really, what did you eat before the bomb?
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Oatmeal and brown rice.
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