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so...If you could only eat 10 foods for the rest of your life what would they be?
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  1. Honey bunches of oats honey roasted cereal
  2. nature valley peanut butter bars
  3. life cereal
  4. cheese itz
  5. poptarts
  6. subways roast beef sub
  7. apples
  8. south beach diet orange beef frozen entree
  9. special k bars
  10. pears
dunno if drinks count but:

  1. all diet sodas
  2. any diet type juices
  3. water
  4. black coffee with splenda
:)random huh?
1. apples
2. plums
3. pineapple
4. chicken
5. fish
6. brown rice
7. mushrooms
8. non fat vanilla yogurt
9. Quaker Oatmeal Raisin Granola Bars
10. popcorn

hmmmm.....would rather have sourdough bread with real butter!
Only 10 for the rest of my life? 

How about for the rest of my diet?

1. Southbeach southwest breakfast wrap
2. mixed nuts
3. lowfat string cheese
4. salad with nofat bleu cheese
5. SF fudgesicles
6. SF Kozy Shack tapioca
7. SF Kozy Shack apple ala mode
8. Mushrooms
9. Southbeach Savory Beef 10. cheesecake (cant forget birthdays!)


Fage total 0% greek yogurt


goat cheese

Fiber One oat and chocolate bars

Roasted chicken

Broccoli (seriously, I love the stuff)

French fries

dark chocolate vitatops

Asiago cheese foccacia bread from Panera


(although, I'm sure this is a changing list - all of that is just what I reallllly like right now)

Asparagus - my all time favorite food bar none
Red Bell Pepper
Good crusty whole grain bread
Feta Cheese
Garlic (does this count as a whole food or is it only a condiment, can't live without it either way)
Cranberry Juice


natural peanut butter


Kashi Go Lean Crunch





Romain Lettuce

your question didn't mention HEALTHY foods, so here is my list:)

1-Chocolate bars 

2-Chocolate pudding


4-Chocolate cake

5-pumpkin pie





10- M&M

1. Cinnamon Toast Crunch

2. fresh peas


4. butter chicken (PC Frozen meal)

5. Salmon Burgers

6. fruit juice popsicles

7. Side kicks mashed potatos with gravy

8. lobster

9. tomatos

10. CAKE!!!
1. OREOS (golden and regular)

2. peanut butter/almond butter

3. whole wheat bread

4. honey nut cheerios

5. barbeque chicken

6. coldstone cake batter ice cream

7. teddy grahams

8. waffles

9. fajitas

10. pazookies from bjs

1. Cheerios

2. Apples

3. Martha's Vineyard Salad

4. Green Grapes

5. Sweet and Sour Chicken/ Turkey

6. Lima Beans

7. Shrimp

8. Pumpkin Pie

9. Ice Cream

10. Anything Garlic


2 Drinks:

1. Bawl's Energy Drink Sugar-Free

2. Water  

1. apples

2. broccoli

3. luna bars

4. kashi go lean crunch

5. dark chocolate

6. oatmeal

7. garbanzo beans

8. grapes

9. pineapple

10. pancakes

1. Special K Protein Plus

2. Soymilk

3. Oatmeal Raisin Luna bars

4. Bananas

5. Baby carrots

6. Hummus

7. Better N' Peanut Butter

8. Cedarlane fat free burritos

9. Pluots

10. Wheat bread. Any kind
1. nutella

2. thick, dense whole wheat toast

3. yogurt

4. sushi

5. miso soup

6. edamame

7. veggie sandwiches

8. honeydew

9. gelatto

10. soy chai lattes.
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hmmm. for the rest of my short life? pizza, teriyaki chicken, milkshakes, hamburgers, steaks, ice cream, baguettes,

for the rest of my long healthy life? cottage cheese, apples, hummus, tuna, eggs, grapes, whole wheat bread

-ice cream
-organic hemp cereal
-greek salad
-beef barley soup
-jelly bellys
-crispy crunch bars
-wheat thin crackers and cheese

1. bread

2. chicken

3. cheese

4. spinach

5. potatoes

6, butter

7. eggs

8. milk

9. beef

10. cereal

11. (tied) cucumbers and tomatoes

=^..^=  MOLLY

1.tofu, 2.strawberries, yogurt, 4.carrots, 5.apples, 6.sushi rice, 7.seaweed, 8.avocado, 9.bean sprouts, 10. ginger.

haha; I was having a hard time deciding with the last couple so I made them the ingredients for a vegetable sushi roll! LOVE. 

peanut butter
taco del mar mondito burrito!

although, i'm not sure what i'll do w/ my hummus since i don't have anything to spread it on in my list!


greek 0% plain yogurt



whole wheat bread






hhmm, well....i suppose it would depend. is this an imaginary world where i'm incredibly skinny/fit and i can eat anything and it doesn't matter? or do you mean for real. you know what? i'll post both.

imaginary world:
1. cheeseburgers
2. pizza
3. buffalo chicken sandwiches
4. coldstone cake batter remix
5. croissants
6. ribs
7. cheesecake
8. creamy pastas
9. french fries
10. root beer
a girl can dream........

real world:
1. fiber one bars
2. chocolate
3. lean cuisine pizzas
4. breyer's fat free chocolate ice cream
5. apples
6. nutrigrain waffles
7. peanut butter
8. kashi go lean crunch
9. chicken
10. 100-calorie packs

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