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Food suggestions for getting over the 'flu!

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It started 3 days ago - the aching, the swollen glands, the sneezing, the constant throbbing head...I need top tips for getting my immune system into action as soon as possible for a heavy week of work next week!

So far I am drinking lots of sugary fluids, taking a multivitamin and eating fresh veg by the bucketload. Should probably avoid cups of tea (?) but I can't shift the habit.

Anything helped you especially before?

Thanks in advance :o)
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Lots of tea with lemon and honey and chicken noodle soup.

Hope you feel better!

I second the chicken noodle soup :)

What I do when I'm really under the weather is take one of those hot relief drink packets, Neo Citran or whatever, and add a spoon of honey, a spoon of chopped ginger root (not the powder, you can get chopped ginger root like a paste in jars), and some lemon juice, and then fill it up with hot water.  If you don't like bits of stuff in your tea you may want to filter out the ginger root with a sieve, but I don't mind it.  I find this very soothing; it puts me to sleep which is the best thing for you :)

Take care of yourself! 

Vitamin C is great, as is zinc.  One of the best sources of vit C is broccoli (cup is over 100%), berries are good, carrots, sweet potatoes, and oranges (of course).  For zinc drink a glass of milk, red meat is loaded with it, yogurt is a decent source, as is oatmeal, beans, nuts, whole grains, or baked potatoes, the best is oysters (but I don't like them)...zinc absorbs better with protein so that is why oysters, red meat and yogurt/milk are best choices.
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Thanks guys, I went shopping and bought some lemon, honey, broccoli and yogurt. Forgot to mention I'm a vegetarian so will have to pass on the chicken noodle soup, although it is the ultimate when you're ill *sigh* ah well, will have to go for standard chicken flavour noodle soup I have, which is pretty much the same :o)
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what helps me: my nutritionist recommends no sugar or dairy.  tons and tons of hot fluids, especially soup broth. 
amy's makes a "no chicken noodle soup" (I'm a veg. as well)... its great for rainy days... the tofu in it is really good as well.

Ginger and garlic, lots of both.  I grate fresh ginger and mix with fresh lemon juice and hot water, sweeten with agave, and drink about a gallon of the stuff whenever I get a sore throat.  The soreness never lasts the day.  Likewise, minced garlic goes into hot broth (best of both worlds - soy ginger broth), and if I feel up to it, I add peas, carrots, shallots, spinach, etc.  Lots of water, and of course, get as much sleep as you possibly can. 

That's my standard procedure, and 99.9% of the time, I'm feeling just fine by the end of the day.  Hope you feel better soon!

Original Post by doris_c:

So far I am drinking lots of sugary fluids, taking a multivitamin and eating fresh veg by the bucketload. Should probably avoid cups of tea (?) but I can't shift the habit. 

 Tea is actually good for you and an immune booster.  It has antioxidants and tanins that can fight viruses.  There are also some cough drops that are supposed to reduce the length of the common cold virus.  It has lots of zinc etc.  It might help reduce the flu bug. 

Good luck!  The flu this year is a doozie.  Both my kids have it, going on 3 weeks now. Yikes i hope it goes away soon.

I've heard that when you have a virus you need to keep your body's pH as alkaline (basic) as possible.  Stay away from acidic foods like citrus or tomatoes.  And ofcourse chicken soup never hurts!!! And don't get up and try to do anything.  Rest rest rest.  Ofcourse physical movement and exercise are what keep the lymphatic system at work, but as far as already being sick.... just pamper yourself and relax.  God bless and I hope you feel better.  The flu is rampant this year... too bad the shots were the wrong strain of virus! Cheers.
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