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Food processor or blender? Carrot juice

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Er, I know this is a rather quarky post..

I really don't know much difference between a food processor and a blender. If anything, blender is slim and is used for milkshakes (:

I really dislike carrots. And other numerous numerous veggies. One thing my mom used to make me is veggie juice every morning. Different combination every day. Sometimes it tastes so bad and gross that I barely gulped it down but gulping them down is a lot easier than chewing and tasting them veggies. So I thought that maybe if I made carrot juice, I would like it more.

So, food processor or blender for making carrot carrot juice? And by making juice out of carrots, am I destroying any nutrients that I want?

-Lemon Jello
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I wouldn't use either. Their names say it all. A blender obviously "blends" the ingredients. And a food processor is meant to be used for making salad dressings, toppings, and dips and such.

The best product out there is a JUICER. Yes, they are out there! They are specifically made to juice vegetables. We have one at our house and it is like heaven. It is amazing to watch a full plate of vegetables be converted into a glass full of liquid. Weird and wonderful at the same time.

I don't think that the vegetables lose too much nutrients through the juicing process. The best thing to do is to drink up as soon as you have juiced. Or, if you have to, stick the glass in the fridge ASAP and drink within one hour.
Aw, I was hoping I could use some food processor since I already have one.. I'm only a poor college student. But thanks! I'll see if I can steal my parents juicer if they aren't usint it.. ^__^

-Lemon Jelly
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I discovered green smoothies this summer made in the blender, I mix carrot juice with other vegetables but you could do the carrot juice  cut the carrots into thin slices put them in the blender (I add 1/2 cup pure water and blend. I also use a juicer and the only difference I find is less clean up . Check out any raw food website and you can find green smoothies, just dont add the green if you prefer the carrots
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