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Food that makes you poop...

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Ok, sorry if i offend anyone with this question. But, i need help, i've been feeling constipated, and its like i NEED to poop the food i ate yesterday, but it won't come out.

I kno water def helps beans-fiber like oatmeal also helps.

Other fiber drink things don't help you guys know of ANY type of food that help u poop it all out??? thanks. again, if i offend anyone...sorry.
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I try to eat oatmeal every day. I add 1/4 cup of bran or bran flakes to the oatmeal after it is cooked as well as brown sugar and milk. That works for me.

if you are feeling seriously constipated, you should really just buy some laxatives at the store to get it out lol! obviously its not good to make a habit of that, but sometimes ya just gotta do it. then avoid whatever food you ate that made you feel that way, i think. for me its really salty foods.

i used to have a lot of trouble with "regularity" as the activia commercials say haha...but once i started eating a lot of vegetables and having a high fiber breakfast (currently i am devoted to Kashi GoLean cereal) every day it got soo much better. i also started FORCING myself to eat yogurt at least 4 times a week (i dont really like yogurt). the probiotics really do make a difference, for me at least.

hope you're feeling better!!

Fruit and vegetables: Cherries, grapes, apples, carrots, beans.

I've found that applesauce works for me.  An apple works great too, but I think the applesauce gets things going faster. 

Strong black coffee on empty stomach, or chamomile tea with cinnamon and cardemom, also on empty stomach is working for me.

Every night one hour before i go to bed I put 4TBLSP of  wheat bran and 1 of flax meal into 8oz. juice and 8oz of water mixed. Stir it with a straw and suck it down. wa-la! My morning is successful!  I feel great!

Firstly what I would reccomend is for you to try one of the harsher suggestions and get it totally blown out of you first. After that I would say try and eat plenty of fibre such as cereal in the morning and make sure you eat plenty of fruit to maintain bowel regulaity. Fruit and fibre should cause serious eruption in the bowels, so make sure you have access to the toilet. Who knows, if you are trying to lose weight (I have no idea), blasting off might make you a heck of a lot lighter!

I can't believe no one has yet listed Energy Drinks, I mean even one can of like Red Bull, or a Monster makes me go to the bathroom at least 3 times a day.

I'm not sure how it works for other people though.

-Coffee really works well too

-Energy squares

-And almost always Almonds

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