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Food that makes you poop...

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Ok, sorry if i offend anyone with this question. But, i need help, i've been feeling constipated, and its like i NEED to poop the food i ate yesterday, but it won't come out.

I kno water def helps beans-fiber like oatmeal also helps.

Other fiber drink things don't help you guys know of ANY type of food that help u poop it all out??? thanks. again, if i offend anyone...sorry.
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oh my goodness; any time i eat nuts they go right through me, as well as blueberries.

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I've been eating 1-2 mandarin oranges per day for the last month since they're in season, and I've been needing to go to the bathroom a lot more. I guess they're why!

I also eat a probiotic yogourt every day and take a multivitamin and a calcium supplement that has magnesium citrate in it. All these things seem to work pretty well, in addition to drinking 6-8 glasses of water every day.

Not that I recommend it, but if I ever have a night of partying, the next morning my system definitely gets a good clean out. It doesn't seem that rum, whiskey, or tequila makes any difference :(

Some basics on fibre: The RDA for women is a minimum of 25g a day. You need to make sure you're getting enough soluble and insoluble fibre - Insoluble (the fibre that forms bulk and regulates acidity and PH in the gut) and soluble (the fibre that helps regulate blood sugar and cholesterol).

Insoluble fibre examples:
 -- Whole-wheat pastas, breads, etc
 -- Quinoa
 -- Brown rice
 -- Bran products
 -- Fruit and vegetable skins, such as potato skins, tomato skins, plum/prune skins, apple skins, pear skins
 -- Nuts and seeds, particularly flax, almonds, brazil nuts and walnuts

Soluble fibre examples:
 -- Oats
 -- Rye
 -- Barley
 -- Potatoes of all varieties
 -- Psyillium husks
 -- Legumes and pulses, especially lentils, garbanzo beans (chickpeas), kidney beans, pinto beans and soybeans

And pretty much all fruits and vegetables. Particularly raspberries, plums, bananas, sweetcorn, prunes, apples, pears, blackberries, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels, asparagus, artichokes and dried fruit. Again, never introduce lots more fibre without drinking enough water to compensate. There is a more detailed list of fibre sources here for future reference.

Personally, a strong black coffee with my breakfast in the morning helps keep me regular. Really important to me, as I suffer with IBS-C. ;\

Milk of Magnesia!! 

My doctor recommended warm prune juice.  It is better warm than cold, and maybe a dash of cinnamon.

For me, any warm liquid can stimulate a BM.  Also, exercise helps.  What does it for me almost everytime is to search for something - like comparison shopping or going to the library or looking for lost keys.  Don't know why that is, but it works.

If you feel like you need medication, Miralax is expensive, and it takes a couple of days to work, but it causes less problems for me than any other laxative.

quinoa, definitely. 


  I just wanted to write that it is NOT a good idea to use EPSON salt to produce proper exiting of waste.  If you want to use salt, use a natural salt like sea salt.  We use Hawaiian Salt which is just plain salt, no iodine or any additives, and the pieces of salt are very large but will easily mix in hot water which is what you should use it in anyways, as a cleanser.  Please feel free to email me with questions.  You don't want to be eating epson salt everyday just to relieve constipation, it's not really good for you, and there are certain portions you should be taking and certain times and other procedures that will help your digestion of the sea salt.  It is a bodily cleansing process, you don't want to mess around with it and eat salt willy nilly. :)  Please feel free to contact me with questions.



Original Post by nymlee:

If you really need to deal with the "problem" i've tried a half a shot of olive oil. tastes kinda narsty but it will clear EVERYTHING out, you will be amazed how much is actually stored in your body. I don't recommend it though unless you know you will be around a bathroom, for a while, in a place where no one can hear you. and LOL this shouldn't offend folk, everyone poops, its one of those universal things every single human does.

Good Luck, and good poops! Nym

 i tried the olive oil shot and although it did work i had a very strong gag reaction to it and just wanted to give a FYI that if you have a strong gag reflecks, like me, than maybe this isnt the solution for you

Lots of fiber foods aka apples and oats etc...but when in a real clogged up mode try this:It always works!

Traditional Medicinals Tea - Smooth Move® is formulated to act as a stimulant laxative based on the traditional use of senna leaf for relief of occasional constipation.  Senna leaf, as a laxative herbal tea ingredient has at least a one thousand year history of human use in traditional Arabian, Asian and European herbal medicines.  Today senna leaf preparations are approved for use as laxatives in the national pharmacopoeias and formularies of China, France, Germany, Great Britain, India, Japan, Switzerland, and the United States.  Senna's laxative action is largely attributed to its anthranoid content.  Anthranaoids are compounds naturally occurring in many plant laxatives, including aloe, buckthorn, sacara sagrada, rhubarb, and senna.

Smooth Move® is a sweet tasting herbal laxative tea for use in relieving occasional constipation.  This product generally produces bowel movements in six to twelve hours.

I have stayed away from bananas for years, thinking that they caused constipation, but then I read that there was a difference between green and ripe bananas.  Even though I was getting all of my fiber, fat and water requirements, I still had chronic constipation.  I started taking Miralax every day, which I really hated.  And if I went off, I'd go back to the hard constipation.

So, I tried going off of Miralax once again, and a few days later, started eating a ripe banana every morning with a big glass of water.

Sure enough, a ripe banana a day seems to keep the rocks away.  I would definitely try that for chronic constipation.

Eating oatmeal and then drinking a glass of water after definitely sends me!!

I've been thinking of hitting up the magnesium citrate lately... ugh. I was going all normal, and now it stopped. I've just started eating salad every other day, plenty of wheat bread, brown rice... doesn't seem to help, at least not yet. My digestive system is a little slow I think.

My problem is that it's hard to pass, because it's not large and bulky it's just small hard and round. Apparently that means it's dry and I need more 'bulk' fiber. I guess it's time to start counting GRAMS now instead of just eating 'more fiber'

I guess it won't hurt to unclog the pipe of the hard to pass stuff with a little saline laxative.

Homemade vegetable soup with stuff like broccoli, beans, lentils, onions, garlic, tomatoes ect. Just blitz it all up - really nutritious and full of fibre and fluids.

I had to find this post. I am in asia and I cannot poop. I'm about to go on a search for laxatives and prune juice. But it was helpful to read what others had to say. 

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Original Post by bobo374:

Milk of Magnesia!! 

hehe hell yeah!

I have had horrible, horrible stomach troubles for years (started with my eating disorder, but continues when I'm healthy).  I get horribly bloated, gassy and nauseated 24/7.  I'm (finally) seeing a gastroenterologist in a week or 2 (after 2+ month waiting list!).  When I have been able to poo, here's what has helped me:

  1. grapes or raisins---sounds weird but I eat about 2 cups of red grapes a day (for some reason green ones don't work) careful of raisins as they have 130 calories per 1/4 c    but the days I eat red grapes I poop massively (sorry i know that's gross)
  2. coffee, as others have said
  3. milk of magnesia (gentler than many laxatives, but tastes gross)
  4. fiber 
  5. FAT...lots of people don't realize you need fat and it's not a bad thing.  Most importantly, though, it helps you crap!
  6. Yogi Tea "Get Regular" (a senna tea that tastes decent) or some of their stomach/digestion aiding teas
  7. Yoga!  it really helps...same with exercise (I always take a dump after I work out lol)
  8. I sleep with a heating pad, which really helps me relax and de-bloat
  9. water, water, water
  10. artificial sweeteners...not the healthiest thing, but they really do make you poop (it's proven in studies, it is a laxative in large quantities)
  11. Massaging your stomach, in such a way that you "encourage" things to move through you (i.e. start at rib cage and move hands, with pressure, down the stomach)
  12. if you really are desperate, haven't pooped in over a week, and have talked to a dr. I would try ducolax or an enema (DON"T OVERDOSE ON me it will kill your stomach)
I can't think of any more at the moment, but there are lots more where that came from. Good luck, and happy pooping!

prunes, pears, bananas.

oh and exercise helps a lot! going for an hour run definitely helps, but im sure a brisk walk or a bike ride would help too :)

I drink carnation instant breakfast with 2% milk.  Can I add wheat bran, and how much of it to do any good for the bathroom department with other good benefits for help?

potatoes and coffee... no idea why. Also, flaxseed is GREAT for moving things along. ;D

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