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Food that makes you poop...

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Ok, sorry if i offend anyone with this question. But, i need help, i've been feeling constipated, and its like i NEED to poop the food i ate yesterday, but it won't come out.

I kno water def helps beans-fiber like oatmeal also helps.

Other fiber drink things don't help you guys know of ANY type of food that help u poop it all out??? thanks. again, if i offend anyone...sorry.
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thanks everyone... =]
Simple : have an espresso drink!
Not only me, but I know plenty of friends that admit that espresso drinks make them have to take a huge dump!
Try Starbucks canned DoubleShot :)
If you really need to deal with the "problem" i've tried a half a shot of olive oil. tastes kinda narsty but it will clear EVERYTHING out, you will be amazed how much is actually stored in your body. I don't recommend it though unless you know you will be around a bathroom, for a while, in a place where no one can hear you. and LOL this shouldn't offend folk, everyone poops, its one of those universal things every single human does.

Good Luck, and good poops! Nym
Canned corn or popcorn.
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Peanuts do it for me. . . but they are over 800 calories for 1 cup dry roasted, so 1/4 cup would be 200, and that amount doesn't do much, I don't think. Also, the Fiber One cereal (with skim milk) that others have mentioned works well.
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I was having the same problem.  I have started eating Kashi Go Lean cereal (high fiber cereal) and taking 2 Psyllium husk gel caps in the morning and I am usually good to go.  Also, going on a walk after you eat seems to help get the process going.  And as everyone has said, drink lots of water! 
Check out Psyllium Husks Powder.  You can find it in the health food stores.  I had problems for years and nothing worked on a regular basis until I discovered this.  Check it on Heath web sites.  It's a great fiber that draws moisture into the waste.  I got so loose I had to add an apple every day to firm it back up.

I mix a teaspoon with water each morning and around dinner.

It's changed my life!
Love those Fiber One Bars! Oats and Peanut is the best! I go once, sometimes twice a day like clock work. I hear apple juice is good too?
FYI....I suffer from every imaginable digestive problem and have found a couple teaspoons of epson salt in water cleans you out slowly without cramps or discomfort. It's incredible..........
Yep, Kathrinevb is right, but if you go that route be sure to dedicate about six hours to the toilet..........the first time you use epsom salt for constipation is the first time you think you will never empty
This is one of my favorite subjects, ha ha.  Poop can make you or break you!  I'm also a fiber one fan--but I measure it to only 1/2 cup with a fruit (blueberries).  If you also eat the required fruits and veg, and water, there is no way you wont eliminate.  I also drink 4 cups of coffee in the morning.  it took a couple months of doing the fiber one-blueberry-coffee routinely, every day, and now it's like clockwork!
I just want to say thanks to all who participated in this thread.  Its good to know people are so helpful about all subjects! Im gonna try lots of your tips...But not all at once! ;)
If you are really clogged up just take a laxative.  I got clogged up over X-mas break because I ate to much. I popped 2 pills one night before bed and in the morning I went #2 and everything that was inside of me came out.  It felt so good.  
So strange that I was coming here to post about this subject- trying to figure out how to phrase it delicately- and here it is already!  I do have some additional questions though, for those of you who have offered advice:

I've been eating much more veggies in the last month, and I drink coffee too, and just in the last 2 days, popcorn.  I eat salad, cooked veggies like peas and carrots, and I eat chopped celery by the cupful - no peanut butter or anything- just pure celery.  Yet I don't seem to have "gone" much for the past several days.  And although my weekly calorie intake has stayed where it should be, my weight is 1.5 lbs MORE than it was last week. ???  Although, I also started b/c pills on Sunday which could account for a bit of weight gain.  But that doesn't explain the lack of "movement" does it?  I am so confused!
An instant laxitive for me is apple juice.  One 8oz glass of that, and 15 minutes later.... :D
I happen to have some apple juice in the fridge!  Maybe I'll try that.  Of course, it will mean cutting out my evening snack if I want to stay below my calorie allowance for the day!

Thanks! =)
Coffee always seems to work for me...but I normally have my fill of fiber each day plus lots of water so this usually is not an issue for me.

I know if I don't have enough water things are less "easy" shall we say.  The dr told me, and I am not kidding, that we are not meant to poop "deer turds" and that if I am doing that, I do not have enough fiber/water.  Sounds very silly and gross, I know, but he said that is one way to gauge if you are getting enough of both in your diet.  (I was rather flustered when he aksed me to describe my most recent BM's but hey...he had a reason because I was there complaining about stomach pain.)
Vitamuffins are a staple food in my diet. They're low in calories (100 each), satisfy me for hours, have a lot of vitamins in them and they're very high in fiber. I eat two or three per day (one for breakfast with either a piece of fruit or a shmear of peanut butter), one for a mid-afternoon snack and sometimes one in the evening if I get hungry. They're overpriced (about $5 for a four-pack) but I purchase the dry mix from the company and that brings the costs way down. 
Its funny how someone said drink espresso. I work at an espresso bar and I think I hear 'i gotta take a sh*t!' at least once or twice a day.

Sometimes I dont even have to hear the words. I would be stuck at the register with a long line and one of the girls will pass gas :/
The average person takes in 10 gms of fiber a day, but according to Dr Oz, the human body should take in 25 gms a day. He mentioned pairs, whole wheat posta, walnuts and I can't remember the 4th thing he mentioned. Natural fiber works best for me.  The Pills and other short cuts seem to do just the opposite. I never thought there was such a thing as too much fiber, but if your body is taking it to the extreme, I would suggest lowering it, or try different types of fiber until you find just the right combo for you. I happen to know that prunes or prune juice, raisons, oatmeal, and the double fiber and whole wheat bread, is also excellent. Read the back of things you buy, and it will tell you how much fiber is in it. I like the double fiber whole wheat bread, because it has 5 gms of fiber in just one slice ...
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