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Food that makes you poop...

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Ok, sorry if i offend anyone with this question. But, i need help, i've been feeling constipated, and its like i NEED to poop the food i ate yesterday, but it won't come out.

I kno water def helps beans-fiber like oatmeal also helps.

Other fiber drink things don't help you guys know of ANY type of food that help u poop it all out??? thanks. again, if i offend anyone...sorry.
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Sugar free stuff like Russel Stovers or something!  The jelly beans and the gummi bears are really good at causing a bowel movement but any of it REALLY works!!  Half of one of the $1 bags will def do the trick!

Good luck!

My mom always says a dr.pepper does it for here lol but for me its a big salad with lots of greens or a protein shake.
You could also try senna leaf tea.  Herbal laxative tea that you drink before bed.  Really does work!


I thought somewhere in my past I heard Prunes will do it to ya?
Be sure to drink plenty of water every day.  Eating yogurt every day helps me in the "digestive" department, as well.
lots of fiber and water.  Fiber One or All Bran pack a lot in a small amount - mix with some yogurt and you have a stomach-healthy snack :-)  
My husband drinks black coffee
yup, coffee. i don't think it's the caffeine though, cuz even decaf works.
fiber one has 14 grams of fiber ber serving... i eat one and a half servings every morning and it keeps me regular. fiber one also make these great "chewy bars" that have 150 calories and 9 grams of fiber that are great for a snack.
Fiber One is a great choice, but don't overdo it!! (been there, done that.) :P
Fiber One bars taste amazing. I recommend those. the peanut butter one is better in my opinion but has ten more calories than the chocolate one. It's not that big of a difference but they both have 9 grams of fiber perfect for our, well digestive difficulties.
hey I started eating fiber one in the morning, which puts my fiber intake at about 45 grams...and I am so uncomfortable, I have to poop all of the time and it is starting to hurt :( 

has anyone else experienced this? will my body adapt on its own or should I cut back.  I really don't think my booty can take it much :(
dried fruit!
Pinky, Spirulina works well for me and so does soy protien powder.  And getting lots and lots of water into my system.  I take 2-TBLS of Flax Seed daily to help keep my BM's going daily and smoothly. I also find that if I am eating too much sugar on a regular basis, I get stopped up.

Swearimn, my understanding that after every meal is good, but more than that can cause problems. You may want to cut back on the fiber. I recently researched this, and too much fiber will carry vitamins like calcium, magnisium, and potassium out with it and your body will not get those vitamins.  I did a google search, but no longer have the links to post here.

I eat 3 large carrots everyday and they will help you out.
Never eat loads of Fiber or take a laxative and a sleeping pill at the same time..
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corn...always works for my kids!!
An apple a day!!!...or two or three.  ;-)

Also, first thing in the morning drink a big glass, 16-20 oz,  of prune juice on an empty stomach.  Don't eat anything tile you 'go'.  When I do this, I always go by mid morning.  In fact your supposed to try NOT to go for one hour after drinking it.  If you don't go by mid morning, have another glass of prune juice.  You WILL go!  This is a natural colon cleanse home remedy.
Coffee, spinach, corn, pomegranate juice, sometimes salad does it for me.

*note to thread, we are gross. ;-) I love it.
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