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Food that no longer exists that you wish did :(

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When I was young, in the early 80's there was a cereal called Donutz.  It was like tiny crunchy powdered donuts.  I wish so bad that I had a box of them today, but they quit making them soon after.    :(

Is there a food that you miss terribly?

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wrong board my bad

Little Debbie PB&J Oatmeal Pies.

Not something I'd be eating this day in age, but when they discontinued them I became a very devastated child! WAHH!

Oh, Donutz!  I haven't thought about them in years, but they were one of my favorites fer sure!  Wink


I miss the cinnamon jolly ranchers that came in a long stick.  In fact, the long stick was the best part.  The apple flavor was good too; the small candies that they currently sell just isn't as good!

Diet Pepsi Light was a favorite of mine; however, now I might not appreciate it as much with that yucky fake sugar taste.  I dunno'.  The pretty blue can and the lemon flavor might win me over!

Does anyone remember Jolt?  Do they still make that stuff?  It was horrible with a syrup-y flavor, but it sure took care of any sleepy behavior.

I miss 7-11 junk food.  I know they still make nachos, slurpees, and such, but I haven't had any of it in so long.  I used to live on it in high school - back in the '80s.  Well, now we know why I am here!



I loved the licorice ice cream - it made my teeth and lips blue! 

B&R's Daquiri Ice was a fave during my first pregnancy.  I ate it every day!!

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A few actually- 1-2-3 Jello that seperated into layers as it set, chocolate pudding cake that was a box mix that made the most delicious brownie-like cake with warm pudding inside and Hydrox cookies with a big glass of milk!  Guess I miss desserts more than I thought-LOL!

OMG!  My mom would always make 123 Jello and I LOVED that chocolate pudding cake mix...I was just about to post those!  Too funny

Also, I miss (although I rarely have soda anymore) diet, vanilla blackcherry Coke

Crystal Clear Pepsi!

Salsa Doritos...I know they have different salsa varieties now but this had a bold red coating, was fantastically hot but I'm guessing it was too much for a lot of peoples taste. ): I went crazy on those as a kid, my fingertips would be red/pink for the day

I second Crystal Pepsi. That stuff was awesome!
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Tv dinners that were in tin trays. You had to make them in the oven. I loved the tomato meatloaf, mashed potatoes with a pat of butter in the center, green beans, and the grand finale- vanilla pudding. Yum!
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