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Food ideas - post-wisdom teeth removal

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I'm having all 4 wisdom teeth extracted next week, and I'm looking for ideas of healthy alternatives to 'it's a great excuse to eat ice cream' for eating after the surgery.  Obvious the usual suspects - yogurt, oatmeal, smoothies... any other creative suggestions?
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Carrot juice is awesome, and it seems like a good excuse to try out a whole bunch of those cool soups one always sees in the grocery store.  cottage cheese w/ cinnamon is good, and steamed scrambled eggs are nice and soft.
I remember when I got mine pulled, mac & cheese was easy to eat and since it was filling, I didn't have to eat that much of it.  As a healthier alternative, you could cook up a batch of whole wheat pasta and make a small amount of cheese sauce using nonfat milk, light butter, and reduced fat cheese (or soy-based cheese, if you can find it.)  Even though the cheese part isn't the best thing in the world, at least it'll help you feel full when your mouth won't feel like eating very much.

Also, nonfat cottage cheese with pineapple is good, too - instead of using pineapple chunks, use crushed pineapple packed in juice.

And of course there's always oatmeal, applesauce, bananas, etc. 

Good luck - getting wisdom teeth pulled is never fun, but it's nowhere near as bad as it used to be.  Just have the ice packs ready for a day or so. :)
Orange or mango sorbet will help with the swelling.
I'm having all 4 of mine pulled on March 9th...  AHHHHHH

**holding jaw in anticiaption of pain**

Not looking forward to it....  Thanks for the suggestions!
I had 8 -- count 'em -- EIGHT -- pulled before I got my braces in 1992 (I was 22 then).

* mac & cheese
* soft boiled eggs
* boost

best of luck -- make sure you take any and all pain meds EXACTLY on time and that will help keep any pain to a minimum.  Actually, it wasn't that bad -- having 2 kids by c-section was waaaaaay more painful :D
Baby food! Dont look at me like that!! THey have no teeth too!
Not the weird savoury meals, but the fruits and museli. And acutally they're pretty low cal (and come in cool jars) THe custard here is lower cal than normal custard, but is enriched with extra calcium. And you can mixed the pureed pumpkin with splenda and pumpkin pie spice for a fake pumpkin pie

Dont have noodles thinking they are soft - you cant cut them and they go down your throat whilst still being in your mouth and you can choke. :(

Find a blender and smoothie up some fruit :)

Pie apple in oatmeal is nice.
ow sympathy! I had just one out a few weeks ago and that was bad enough - struggled to eat anything at all for a few days - everything through a straw!

Hot tea was good on the 1st day, on the 2nd day I managed a few chocolate buttons to go with the tea (allowing them to melt on your tongue) and half a cup of soup (hurrah you can go for the full fat creamy kind!!).

3rd day i was really hungry but scared to eat cos of the stitches so i kept on the creamy soup through a straw during the day then at night I managed mashed potato (with LOTS of milk) and baked beans.

I know canned foods don't have many nutrients but it's all I wanted to eat, recommend you get a pack of straws and lots of cans in.
Don't forget broth!  So many of the soft foods are also sweet, so it's a taste treat to have some good home made chicken, beef or vegetable broth.   If you would like to know how to make it from scratch, I can tell you.
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Ooh, some good ideas here.  I love the "cooking" with baby food.  My biggest concern is, as was mentioned above, so many soft foods are sweet things, and while I have a sweet tooth, I figure I'm going to want some things that are savory (but not baby food savories, that  is kinda scary).  For those of you who have been through this - pasta - I 've seen Mac and Cheese mentioned, but other places I've seen that pasta still needs chewing, and bits can get stuck in the holes, causing problems - what was your experience? 

I think this week is going to be spent making lots of soups and mashed potatoes to have ready.  My SO is useless in the kitchen, so I want to be ready (and not have to rely on all processed foods) before I go under and come out groggy on the other side!  SO not looking forward to this...... but as my dentist keeps telling me, I'm not getting any younger!  (gee thanks!)
When I got mine out, I was okay eating soft, "chewable" food as long as I took very small bites and took my time chewing (using the molars toward the front of my mouth.)  Just go very slowly and you should be ok. 

Also, when I got mine pulled, I was a little uncomfortable for a couple of days, but it really wasn't as painful as I thought it would be.  It's more like a dull ache that just doesn't want to go away, and your jaw will be sensitive.  One thing that helps is to get an ice pack the moment you get home and apply it to both sides of your face as much as you possibly can.  I even slept with mine! :)  But that will help to keep the swelling down, and also alleviate the ache a little. 

Also, DO NOT drink anything through a straw!  That will lead to a condition called dry sockets, and they ARE painful.
This is a good post. In 2 weeks I'm getting 2 wisdom teeth out, and have 2 fillings and a route canal. I plan on sticking to soup.

I had my other wisdom teeth out a few years ago and it wasn't really so bad. I don't think I ate anything for at least a day though. The pain killers made me sick to my stomach and I pretty much just slept.

Make sure you give the gums plently of time to clot. After my dad got his out he immediatly took out the gauze and ended up with dry socket. Just try to leave them alone as much as possible for the first day.
How about Polenta? Instead of pasta? Or cracked wheat? Or jsut reeaaallllyyy mushy oatmeal (soak for an hour before, then cook)

In Australia we have a juice bar called "boost juice". Its really great, not sure if you have it but I'm sure you have something similar. It'd be a great way to get vitamins etc. as you can get vitamin boosters. They only use fruit (and their own low-fat yogurt) so although the cals are around normal size for a smoothie, everything is natural and fresh. If you dont have boost or equiv, you can make your own. But maybe use a spoon.

Hmmm, you still need savoury things. Tofu?? You could use silken, and chop it up into inch cubes and quickly stir-fry or put in soups etc.
man, i feel for you :( i had the four of mine out last summer. at the time, i wasnt watching cals, but some of the stuff i ate was:

jello, chicken or veg. broth, mashed potatoes, pudding, juices, yogurt...and every morning i drank milk w/ carnation (crap i forgot the name, but it was vanilla and had vitamins and minerals in it)

i was on hydrocodone and it upsets my stomach, so jello was my best friend! i didnt eat anything remotely whole for like 2 weeks
Jamba Juice is really easy, but I used a spoon, not a straw.  I also was able to eat pasta, with just a bit of olive oil and parmesean cheese.  Take small bites and chew gingerly :-)  Or eat small pasta that doesnt' need to be chewed much!
For savory try Campbell's Healthy Choice clam chowder... Mashed potato or cauliflower, vegetable chili if you can handle it, and refried beans are good too.
by the way, the wisdom teeth thing isnt so bad after about 3 weeks. it's neat b/c after not eating whole food for a little bit, the first actual meal you have is AMAZING! mine was pasta w/ a port wine sauce, the best meal i have ever had lol
how about pop-sicles??
you will find your appetite will drop big time....the pain meds mess with your stomach and you will also sleep more, leaving less time for eating...

i just had mine out a month ago, and i found myself eating ice cream and frozen yogurt just to get to 1000 calories i also lost 5 pounds in a week

smoothies are also a good choice, but watch the ones with berries as the tiny little seeds can get lodged in the pockets...

remember you still have 2 molars in front of where your wisdoms used to be, and if you are very careful you can chew with those....but you eat much much slower, and as a result, much much less

good luck
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I had all four of mine taken out over the summer and to be honest I was back on solid foods about 2 days after the extraction, no swelling or anything, I didn't even take the hydrocodone because I hated the feeling it gave me, haha.  If you are in pain though and can't eat solids:

Smoothies, yogurts, apple sauce, etc are really good.  Soups are good too but make sure they aren't too hot because they can dissolve the clots where the teeth were taken out which gives you dry sockets which I hear aren't fun at all...

Good luck though!


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