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How many pounds of food do YOU eat a day?

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I just added up the weight of all my food (I just got a food scale, so I'm kinda obsessed with weighing everything right now, lol) and I ate 1913 grams of food today--about 4.2 pounds!  WOW!

No wonder our weight fluctuates so much every day!

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Yup! Things like salt and water retention can affect weight too!

The most insane SINGLE MEAL I have eaten recently was 950 grams of broccoli/cauliflower/carrots in one sitting. Thats like 2 pounds of food. I could barely breathe/move after, and it took like 24 hours to digest lol.

The best part is, it was only 400 calories for such a massive meal!

I was just looking at my food log and it could vary from just 400 grams to 3,000 grams (if you take into account liquid calories!). I think the weight of the food doesn't matter - I care more about the nutrition & the pleasure (or consequence) I get from eating it.

Our weight does fluctuate a lot because we drink water and we retain some and etc, but each day when I wake up, my weight is somewhat around the same range. It's comforting. :)

Not including water (but including coffee, soda, etc), I usually eat between 1500 and 2000 grams.

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