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Flax Seeds?

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Are Flax Seeds sold in a typical grocery store? (I usually shop at Kroger). Or do you need to go to a speciality store?
If they are in the grocery store, what section would they be in?
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I believe that you need to buy ground flax seeds in order to obtain any benefit.  Your body can't absorb whole seeds.  Most grocery stores, such as Kroger, should have a health food section.  I know that Trader Joe's sells ground flax if you have one in your area.
Kroger does carry Flax seeds. They are typically in the organic or "health food" area of the store. I do buy the whole flax seed and use a small coffee grinder to grind them as I use them. I had heard that they retain more of their nutrients using them fresh ground.
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I don't know if this is the healthiest food but on the topic of flax seeds I'm in love with Dempster's flax seed multigrain bagels. They're stuffed full of flax seeds and also have flax seeds on the outside of the bagel. They're so yummy. I also eat 2 tsbp of ground flax seed a day (naturopathic doctor gave it to me) in oatmeal or mixed into other food. I have a thing for seeds anyway so I love flax.
For best results, because ground flax seeds go rancid very quickly with exposure to air and heat, get them whole and then grind them as you need them.  The last thing you want in your diet when you're trying to make healthy changes is a bunch of rancid oils, and free radicals, and inactive vitamins.

You really don't get much out of flax seeds when they're whole.  Your digestive tract can't crack them open.  You have to grind them mechanically first, whether that's with a high-speed grinder, a mortar and pestle, or the old-fashioned way (your teeth).
i grind mine with my coffee grinder.  I grind them as I use them and store the seeds in the freezer....
Hello. I don't know about in the US, but in the UK you can buy them in most health food stores - already ground. I think they are fab! Rich on omega-3 fats (good fats!) and if you don't like oily fish (herrings and so forth) a good source of omega-3. I put a tablespoon of ground flaxseeds on my millet every morning - delicious! Go for it. Hope you can find what you need. :-)
I buy milled flax seed at any grocery store the milled kind can be found in the aisle with the flour - usually near the baking powder corn starch and the like.  Be sure to refridgerate it when you bring it home.  You can also get the oil in the refridgerator section of a health food store.
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