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Flax Seed in smoothie?

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I bought some ground flax seed- on the bag it says it has a rich nutty flavor.

Would this be gross in a fruit smoothie?  (Cup of milk, half banana, random frozen berries)

If not, how much should I put in my smoothie on a daily basis to benefit from it?  (Serving size is 2 tbsp)


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It might make your smoothie kind of thick.. but try it and see.. perhaps start with half the serving size to see if you like it.  I know one girl who mixes hers in milk.. gross.. and another in juice.  Some people put it into yogurt or oatmeal.  I try to use it in any baking.. bread, pancakes, muffins etc.. you could even put it into meatloaf.  it does have a sort of nutty flavour.  I like the flavour but that is a personal thing perhaps.   Be sure to keep it in the fridge!!  Very important.

Keep it in the fridge after opening?  Cause it was on a pantry shelf at the store??  Didn't know about that...

every store treats it differently.  if it was vaccum sealed.. then should be fine.. we keep ours in the fridge here at the store. Just to be extra cautious and ensure freshness.  Check the package to see what it says.  Usually it is okay until opened.  But yes, its a must once it is opened to keep regular ground flax seed in the fridge. :)

I've put a tbsp of ground flax in my smoothies or yogurt before and it works out fine. I prefer to add (liquid) flax oil to smoothies instead of (dry) flax because I don't want to have little pieces of seed in my teeth. Dry flax seed works better in oatmeal, pancakes, etc. That's just my personal preference though.

Also, I keep my flax in a glass jar in the pantry, not the fridge and haven't noticed any problems.

I actually grind up flaxseed and put it in a fruit smoothie everyday. You can't taste it, but you can feel the coarser pieces a bit. Not unplesant enough to not use to me, but flax oil is probably a better idea since it would fit the consistency of a smoothie better.

I usually put in about 1 TBSP

I put 1 Tbs in my smoothies, does make it thicker and a little crunchy towards the end, also I keep my flaxseed meal in the freezer, it still comes out the same with no defrosting needed.

If you are using something like strawberries in your smoothie, you won't even notice the flax for all the strawberry seeds.

I put in a tablespoon or two into a blenderful quite often - my kids love their smoothies!

ha - i just came from a nutritionist who recommended i add flaxseed to my diet. apparently it's pretty good added to just about anything (??)

I've never actually tried it myself. It's supposed to be wonderfully nutritious for you though and filled with pure omega-3's or something awesome-tastic like that..?

i would think that having smoothies seem thicker when flaxseed would added could be a good thing, yea..? i'm a big oatmeal eater - so maybe that's where i'll try it first.

let us know how it went and how much you used :)

ooh and p.s. yea i've heard to definitely keep it 'fridgerated

I keep flaxseed in the fridge. I use it to make bread; however, after reading this I decided to try it in my coffee smoothie. It was actually good; I really am not even sure I could tell much (if any) difference. The recipe is below:


frozen (cut up) banana

1 tbs flaxseed

blend and enjoy (you could add ice to make it a more frozen treat, but my blender sucks.)  Cry

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