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Flavored waters? Opinions?

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Ok, so what do all you guys think about all of these flavored waters out there? Vitamin Water, Propel (Fitness Water and Invigorating Water with Caffiene) Sobe LifeWater, Special K Protein Water? Crystal Light? 

I have no problem drinking regular water, but now I have just given up drinking soda, and am having cravings for something sweet to drink. These flavored waters are a nice option, and most are pretty low-cal, low-sugar, but contain stuff like Phenylalanine, which is the same chemical as in diet sodas, right? I want to be healthy, but I don't want to pump my body full of unnatural additives. What about sucralose? That's like Splenda or something, right? 

I'm liking the look of the Sobe LifeWater, because it's just 100 calories a bottle, 24 grams of sugar though....cause it's "naturally sweetened" with sugar....hmm...

What are some suggestions for something else to drink that's better? (other than just water :)

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i drink some tea with splenda in it. i think those flavored water are too expensive. i could buy a WHOLE luna or clif bar with the money spent on those waters.

you could also get hot cocoa (no sugar added, &calcium fortified) 25 cals/ cup &super yummy &staves off the cravings for sweets.

Personally, I like the Fruit2O flavored waters.
They are ZERO calorie and come in a lot of different flavors.
They also have the Hydration, Energy, Immunity, and Relax series.
They are also zero calorie.

I like water, but I get bored of plain water very quickly.
These are a nice alternative.

I tried the Fruit2O waters and they gave me gnarly stomach aches....maybe one of the additives or something?

I've found that a lot of the bottled flavoured waters I've tried sometimes end up tasting like flat pop or like they were flavoured accidently (and incorrectly!). I don't enjoy them. I prefer just adding my own flavour (lemon/limes or sometimes even a splash of some natural fruit juice).

What I find I enjoy the most though is herbal fruit teas. They are zero calories and add a strong fruity flavour with zero caffiene. Even cold they taste yummy and refreshing! I've been using Celestial Seasonings herbal tea fruit sampler - but any brand should do! (Bonus that they support ethical trade with the product) No preservatives or additives! I also find that it doesn't require any sweetner.

I'm also cheap. So spending $3 on 20 tea bags seems like a better deal than consuming bottled pre-packaged beverages on a daily basis (I can see where convenience makes the pre-packaged option more attractive once and a while).

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I drink the Propel Fitness Water, usually the lemon but my hubby likes all the other flavors.  It has 10 calories per 8 oz serving, 3g of Carbs and only 2g of sugar.  I also don't drink soft drinks and I find Propel to tastes sweet enough that I don't feel like I'm just drinking water all day long. Oh and it has Sucrose Syrup, a natural table sugar in a liquid solution not the artificial stuff.

I've never had Sobe Lifewater but 100 calories seems kinda high for water. Maybe it's just me. If you have it in your calorie intake though, why not?



I think I'll have to try the herbal fruit teas....sounds yummy!

I have tried the Propel, and it's pretty good, so maybe I'll stick with that too....I like that you can get it in the little individual powder packets...

Hot cocoa is also a great suggestion for my sweet tooth!


have to burst your bubble there kar69, propel does contain sucrose syrup, but it also contains sucralose AKA splenda. so if you're trying to avoid the artificial stuff, it's not the best option.
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I would say go with the herbal fruit teas and put it over ice.  That is what I do  with green tea.  I went to the dollar store and scored a reusable cup with a lid so I can take it on the go as well as at home.  

The tea packets contain way less calories and added fake stuff.  I am not a big sugar junkie so I do not need to add sugar or a sugar substitute. 

I used to drink soda all the only when I have pizza or a burger which I am trying not to eat anyway.

It is way cheaper and better for the environment...that is if either of those two are of concern to you. 

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jules817 your right it does also have Sucralose. No bubbles bursted here, Smile I'm not trying to avoid it though just don't like the after taste that they usually have. I can't really taste it in the Propel. Thank goodness.


I also like the propel, but you can make your own a lot cheaper and all natural too.  Just fill a 2-quart pitcher with filtered hot tap water and add 2 cut up lemons (i like it real lemony, so one for just a hint of flavor) and 1/2 cup of 'real' sugar put in fridge over night and you are good to go.  Makes 8 8oz servings at 53 calories, could do less sugar too.

I hated the taste of 'lifewater' but I love 'vitaminwater'... I drink it when I want something different than just plain water and I have a few calories to spare. If you want something calorie-free, try herbal teas.

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I find that green tea helps my cravings for sweet drinks.  The green tea that helps me the most with it is a Japanese green tea call genmaicha, sometimes called popcorn tea, it is green tea with roasted brown rice in it, some of rice kernels are popped and look like popcorn.  It has a natural very light sweet flavour.  It smells really nice too.  It is usually cheaper than most Japanese tea because it has the rice in it and it easier to find because it is more popular because it has a mild flavour. 

I don't think we have the same brands of bottled water here, but I like Volvic flavoured water.  It doesn't taste fake, but I think do put some real sugar it so that would explain it. :)

I am trying to reduce my sugar intake without ingesting fake sugars because those give me migranes. So I like the flavored selter waters (Wegmans or Polar Brand). Those are 0 calories and no sugars. I also drink 24 oz of green tea from tea bags a day. I don't add sugar and oddly enough the green tea reduces my appetite and cravings.

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What works best for me is to just kill that sweet tooth.  I find that the more I drink sweet beverages (soda, flavored waters, juice) the more I crave sweet things (including candy, desserts, icecream). 

After just a few days of drinking plain water, I have some sort of physiological shift and actually prefer unflavored, and I absolutely notice a dramatic difference in my cravings for sweets.

While you're trying to migrate away from the artifical sweeteners, I'd suggest keeping fresh lemon, lime and orange wedges at the ready.  Squeeze in a wedge of one, or all three, depending on your mood. 

Another thing that helps me sometimes is varying the temperature of my drinking water.  Sometimes it's more appealing if it's icy cold, other times I prefer it to be closer to room temp.

Overall, your instincts are right.  You've kicked diet soda to the curb for a reason.  Don't get swayed into indulging in those chemicals from another source.

Good luck!

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phenylalanine is just an amino acid. in other words, it's a component of proteins so I don't think you need to worry about it. the thing that you should avoid in such a drinks is aspartame, acesulfame potassium and other chemical crap like this. you'll not put on weight by simply drinking flavored water because it's almost no-cal but it's definitely not healthy.

Well, personally, I do like drinking sweet bavereges but I control it and reduce it's number to 4-6 times a year. That's because I replaced all alcoholic drinks with flavored water and all the soda with just plain water or red/green/fruit. It's not a perfect solution yet, but it's better than it was. Every step forward counts :).


I recently found a great product that flavors water with Stevia - an all natural sweetener (do a search and read about it - it has no side affects and doesn't spike your blood sugar).

Here's the link that sells stevia items: evia.html

I use stevia sugar packets (from trader joe's) in my tea and I love it - I also make lemon aide with it.  I like the packets b/c Stevia is really sweet and if you use too much it will taste bitter. 

Recently I ordered stevia gum since I am doing my best to avoid sucralose (splenda) and nutrasweet.  They sent me a few samples of their flavored water packets (you add to a water bottle) and I really liked them - I ended up ordering the powder not in the packets as it is more economical.


Special K Protein water is absolutely delicious! I love it so much especially when I'm hungry because it has 5 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber (How many other "waters" have protein and fiber huh?) But you don't want to drink them as much as the other waters as they are 50 calories each and they're not that cheap (some places they're 6 dollars for 4, yikes!) but they're really great for snacks and especially when you want juice or something a little more filling than just flavored water. Propel is a great option as well and it has all those vitamins to give you more bang for your water buck.  Also try FUZE! They have a line called "slenderize" and they range form 5-10 calories per 18 oz bottle and they have metabolizing benefits from L-Carnitine And Citrimax plus it has chromium and Vitamin c! Not to mention only 1 gram of sugar and 2 carbs! Amazing!

When my daughter was small, I used to dilute juice (the same way you do with cordial) and she was happy with that coz she didn't like plain water.

Now, I do it for me, only I do half water half juice. Its great for when I'm at uni and need a bit of extra energy to keep me going through hours of lectures :)

Personally I wouldn't touch flavoured waters... too much stuff in them I wouldn't want travelling in my body, and they usually taste synthetic to me. But that's just me.

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