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Are there any flavor packets for water WITHOUT artificial sweeteners?

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I bought a little box of raspberry flavor packets for bottled water (Kroger brand) after standing and staring that the huge selection at my grocery store for a few minutes. I couldnt' find any that were not sweetened with aspertame or splenda. I reluctantly grabbed one with aspertame because I really dislike splenda flavor. It's ok tasting because I only use like 1/4 packet in a 20 oz bottle, but I wish it didn't have artificial sweeteners in it. Is there something like vitamin water flavor packets or something? Something that just adds a tiny bit of flavor?  Is there any natural alternative? Should I just add a tiny bit of fruit juice to my water and call it done?

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a lemon or a lime - next to no calories and adds flavor to water.

The BEST solution (that I've found and become a huge promotor for):

Herbal fruit teas. Needs to be added while the water is hot... but it can be consumed hot or cold! You get a fruity zippy flavour with zero sweetness and zero calories and zero caffiene.

I keep a box at my desk at work and a box at home full of sampler flavours to that I get variety! Celestial Seasonings is the brand I buy - raspberry, apple cranberry, peach, tangerine, and black cherry. I probably consume four giant mugs a day of the stuff! Of course other brands have good fruit tea flavours too - I just like the variety pack!

And if I get pulled away into a meeting... it still tastes good an hour later when its chilled!


You can also try squeezing a little bit of orange juice into your water it is much healthier for you and it adds a little bit of sweet to the water. Laughing

I've seen these at Target, but haven't tried yet.

Original Post by thmheh:

I've seen these at Target, but haven't tried yet.

 I went "there" and found that they are also sold at most Safeways!  I will check them out.  Thanks for the link!

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I use the packets of True Lemon and I love them! It seems kind of expensive to me, but it has an awesome refreshing taste - it isn't sweet.

Here is a great water enhancer

Agreed. Go with tea, lemon, lime or water down some juice. I like watered down cranberry juice quite a bit.

Also there's a brand of "soda" I like called La Croix. It's carbonated water with flavoring but NO sweetness. No sugar, no artificial sweetener. Nothing but carbonation, water and flavoring.

Kind of expensive but I rather like it.

True Lemon is very tasty and I've started using the Crystal Light Pure packets that are sweetened with Stevia plants.  They're delicious... I like them better than soda, to be honest.  They have lemonade, lemon-lime, grape, kiwi-strawberry, and a tropical one.

"Propel" packets should contain no harmful ingredients; also comes premade.

Product called Krisda Splash, it's sweetened with stevia instead; a natural sweetener from a plant.

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