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Non "fishy" fish??

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Ok, so I know that when it comes to eating meat, chicken and fish are probably the best sources of lean protein, right? I am down with the chicken, but I just do not like fish. Tuna fish.....ok, I can deal with that, but everything else I have tried is just too "fishy." I have tried salmon a few different ways, and I can force it down, but it doesn't taste good to me. Any other suggestions on other types of fish I could try? I get so bored with just chicken or turkey all the time! 


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I suggest Tilapia.  It has a very mild flavor.  You can find it frozen pre-spiced or breaded and you just bake it, or frozen fresh and you can thaw it out, put a spice rub on it (Italian is good) and saute it in non-stick spray or a little olive oil.  Works great in Foreman type grill, too.

Swordfish (if you can afford it) and to me, catfish isn't fishy at all, and it's usually cheap.

Thanks I'll try that. I use my Foreman grill all the time for chicken, so that would be great, thanks! 

tilapia, flounder

Monkfish is very mild. They feed on lobster so their flesh resembles that flavor. Sooooooo yummy broiled with a little butter or fake butter if you insist, I suppose.

I have to agree with everyone else. Tilapia is pretty mild. I even cook it as already mentioned, but I use old bay seasoning. It's really easy to cook and quick.

I buy the bags of frozen filets and it literally takes about 5 minutes or less to thaw it under cool running water. Then I pat it dry with a paper towel, season it and saute it in a non-stick pan with cooking spray. Takes less than 10 minutes, so make sure you cook any other sides that will take longer first.

And for one filet it's only 100 calories, although they are kind of small.

I hate fishy flavor and I absolutely love Tilapia - this is your best bet

I'm not a bandwagon jumper but I have to agree with everyone else: talapia is a mild 'non-fishy' tasting fish and I think it tastes great. Salmon is a real strong 'fishy' tasting fish. I would give talapia a shot.

Tilapia is very mild, just like everyone else is saying.  The spicier you season it, the less fish you taste.  Whitefish is also very mild - I think it is what they use at Captain D's.

Catfish flavor varies greatly.  The farm-raised usually tastes mild, but they are bottom-feeders, so those that actually eat at the bottom can taste a lot like lake water.  Catfish I know are actually sustainable, since they are successfully farmed, so they are an ecologically sound choice as well.  I don't know about the other fish.

I like my salmon with a mustard-dill sauce.  It does a very good job of covering up the fishy flavor, though I am not as picky about it as my husband.

LOL...I could go with everyone else and say tilapia becuase it too is one of the only fish I will eat...But I also found a macadamia nut crusted mahi mahi from Whole food that was also Really good. they have this mango salsa that you put over it and it doesn't taste fishy at all:)

Also Orange Roughy is another mild fish that I am able to eat and let me tell you I am very picky with fish:) Good luck!

Basa is very non-fishy as well, it's very similar to tilapia by all accounts, maybe even the same thing. Most white-fleshed fish have a mild flavour. If you can afford it, halibut is awesome, very dense and meaty but delicate in flavour. I adore shellfish, like crab and lobster and scallops (maybe those are considered mollusks?) but the price is a bit prohibitive...prawns can be less expensive and a delicious choice.

There are different kinds of salmon, some stronger than others, pink salmon is quite mild as is steelhead. Chinook and coho are in the middle....sockeye is considred the higher-end variety but I find it the fishiest, likely due to the higher oil content.

The most important thing to having non-fishy fish is freshness.

EDIT to add: and not overcooking it. Overcooked fish, especially salmon, can smell and taste pretty icky.

Freshwater fish like trout are mild and you might like them.  Some that I've had are rainbow trout, brook trout, perch, and pike.  All delicious and mild.

Fatty fish are "fishier" than lean fish, but those fats are the good kind.  However, if you don't like them, then it doesn't do you much good, right?  Life is too short to waste it eating things you don't like.

Barbequed's seafood, but has a non fishy taste.

The only fish I like are cod and halibut.  Very low in calories.  All the others, including tilapia and catfish, are too fishy-tasting to me. 

I like Basa (also called Swai)

OK, I'm a bit of a tree-hugging hippie. I enjoy a variety of different fish and even fish regularly in the Great Lakes. However, many species are on the decline and aquatic food-webs have been know to collapse rather easily. So I definitely agree that fish are a great food source and, in most cases, usually good for you. But if you care at all about what effect your eating habits might be having on the planet, then check out this link to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. watch.aspx

Try Walleye or Pickerel it is a fresh wamilyater fish a member of the Bass family which is very good also. Fried in butter and bread crumbs

Actually, fish should never taste "fishy".  If it tastes or smells fishy, that means its starting to spoil.  I suggest buying only frozen, individually wrapped fillets.  My personal favorites are tilapia and salmon.

Never, EVER get the thawed out filets that have been sitting out in the butcher's display case unless you are willing to make the butcher hand it to you so you can smell it before wrapping it up.

If you buy "fresh" fish make sure it is from a market that sells a lot of fish and cook it the same day you buy it.  Ask them if it is "previously frozen" and don't buy it if it has been, it deteriorates in hours after it thaws, so you would be much better off to ask them to give it to you from the freezer than from the fish case if it is frozen.

I find it best to let frozen fish thaw in the fridge rather than the counter (keep it in its shrink wrap), or, as someone suggested, in cool water.

Also, as someone else said, overcooked fish always tastes fihier than properly cooked.  If salmon is cooked until it "flakes" it is over cooked.

Thanks for all of the replies!! :) I'll try some of these for sure!

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