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Fish for people who don't like the taste?

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I really want to love fish.  Too bad I find it repulsive. Every now and then, I'll try a bite in case my tastes have changed but it's always yucky to me. But it sure does seem like you could have it bunch of different ways and it's super healthy, sooooooo:

Anyone know of which fish to try and how to order it for people like me who hate it?
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I'm exactly the same way. One of my goals for before I turn 30 is to like at least ONE kind of seafood.
That's why I like Salmon. To me, it doesn't smell fishy, thus tastes MUCH better than, say, Cod.


Talapia, clean and white.... basically will taste like whatever you season it with. I've had mine with a lime salsa, perfection.
trendstudent- what kind of fish are you tasting that you don't like? is it fresh water or salt water?  there's a big difference in taste in the two different kinds.. heck.. every fish on the planet (in my opinoin) tastes different from one another.. Usually fresh water fish is milder.. and salt water fish has a stronger "fish" taste.. 

tilapia is a great mild flavored fish.. it's my favorite.. salmon is a good fish but has a stronger fish flavor and firmer flesh. 

i would just experiment and taste different kinds.  I used to hate fish too!  wouldn't eat it at all.. now i've experimented a bunch and have found that i actually do love fish.. the reason i hated it was because i don't like FRIED fish.. haha.. i assumed that's how it had to be eaten (that's how everyone eats fish around here)   i love it steamed, grilled, poached, and broiled.. with different seasonings on it.. :) 
I'm with flgirl, Talapia is the way to go. I basically hate everything that comes out of the water but I can tolerate talapia with a lot of seasoning. Just make sure you buy it fresh. I bought pre-packaged once and I found it tasted really fishy.
obsidyan - hmmm...not quite sure.  I do live in Michigan so chances are, it's mostly fresh water fish.  I usually just have a bite of someone else's so I really don't know.  I actually think it's mostly salmon and catfish...catfish just look creepy too, how could they possibly taste good? blah!

hmmm, tilapia! Perhaps I'll see if anybody else likes that and when we go out I'll see if they're in the mood for it.  I'll cross my fingers and hope that I like it.  Thanks for the advice!
If you have it available to you, I would try some Fresh/Frozen Hot Smoked King Salmon. A lot of people who don't like fish end up liking it. If you do ever decide to try salmon again, don't try Sockeye, it has a stronger fishy flavor than say King (or Chinnok).
I'm going to say what everyone else is saying and try tilapia. It's so
good. We marinade it in Fat-Free Italian dressing and broil it. It's
excellent that way. 
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, this is TOTALLY my thread.

  • Mahi-mahi
  • Tilapia
  • Halibut
  • Turbot
  • Walleye
  • Sole
  • Swordfish!!!!
  • Tuna
  • Shellfish (shrimp, crab, lobster)
All are very good grilled. I gotta say, if you don't like fish, you're going to hate salmon. I hate salmon. I've tried it 60 ways 'til Sunday, and I just hate the taste. Stick with white fish. My absolute favorite is grilled swordfish. I had turbot for the first time last night, and it was cooked so perfectly, the fillet was falling apart and melted in my mouth. Mahi-mahi is another great choice.

Seared ahi tuna is delectable, as well. Some people shy away from it, but it's definitely worth tasting. Highly recommend it!

I used to HATE fish. All of it. Blech. Yuck. Slowly I weaned myself into the seafood genre, starting with shrimp. And it was on accident. Then crab cakes. Then lobster. Then a bite of someone else's grilled something-or-other, but only 'cuz it didn't smell "fishy". Nowadays, a good fish entree is the one thing I look for in fine restaurants, because when served right -- grilled or steamed -- it's absolutely delightful.

I love pickerel... there is nothing like fresh pickerel in beer bater.  SO GOOD. I think I know what I'm eating tonight!
a hint... when buying fish, don't buy any fish that smells "fishy"... it's old...

tilapia or mahi-mahi broiled with a little garlic and onions...
Seared Tuna is kick a$$!!!

Salmon smothered in honey mustard and baked...YUMMMY!!!

Caribbean pan fried snapper or Mahi is also to die for...

But strangely enough, I don't like tilapia or most fresh water fish, I've had it a few times, to me it's bland and reminds me of swallowing pond water as a kid- LOL...but if it's bland you want, that is probably the best for you.

I adore fish...not a big fan of other seafood, but I could eat fish everyday...well, as long as it is prepared in different ways :)
i despise most fish (except some sushi oddly enough).  the only fish i can eat without gagging that is cooked is cajun style blackend orange roughy.  a very mild pretty tasteless fish.  i do the whole keep trying it thing, but darn i had some tilapia a few weeks ago and was nearly sick.  sometimes tuna from a can is too strong to eat unless heavily doused in mayo and garlic salt lol.

good luck with it, but personally i think its one of those preferences that may never change.  and if you like lobster, its a good excuse to eat lobster when someone takes you to a seafood place ("but its the only thing i like, i swear") ;)
Ugh... fish. Actually, anything that lives or resides around water, not fish, lobster, crab, shrimp, clams or anything else. The only kind I can shove down my throat is canned tuna packed in water. My boyfriend loves seafood and whishes I did too. I hear he makes really good shrimp alfredo (hmmm... can't have that anyway). We went to Duluth in my car and he tried to eat smoked herring in my car. It didn't smell too bad, suprisingly. He wanted me to try it, and I'm a pretty open person so I did. YUCK! It tasted like rotting ham to me (not that I know what that tastes like). I had to kick him out of my car for a few minutes so that he could finish it. I wanted to throw up watching him pick the stringy bones, head and tail off of it. He also tried to trick me into eating his shrimp alfredo once. He seasoned the he** out of it and told me the chunks were tofu and since I've never had tofu, I would not know what it looks like. Recognized the taste when the first drop of sauce hit my tongue. ISH.
My friends are the same way, I went to red lobster for a friend's birthday party and had a salad, it was just lettuce, carrots and dressing. I had to throw up in the bathroom just from the smell of the place. I wish I liked seafood more since it's really good for me. Oh well, I've given up on trying to force myself to like things just for the sake of my diet.
This post totally rocks. I thought I was the only one with this kind of weird desire to love eating fish without actually liking the taste. Thanks to google, I landed here. After reading all the suggestions, I tried Fresh Tilapia. Now I am a fan! I buy it in bulk and eat it every night. I have figured out different ways to marinade it and enjoy. Thank you thank you thank youuuuuu trendstudent for posting this question and for all others for the suggestions.
My experience it really really fresh in a good store. The one I bought at Whole Foods was awesome but expensive. The ones I bought at 99 Ranch and other such stores really sucked...I just spit it out of my mouth. It tasted just like how the store stinks near the fish section. Great thing is Costco sells it in bulk and I always trust their quality. I bought 4 lb and froze them individually. Thats working great for me. Thanks again everyone!
Next I am going to try Mahi Mahi :)
I love Tilapia, and I normally hate fish! I recommend getting it grilled or broiled- hardly tastes like fish to me! ; )
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Fresh fish isn't really supposed to smell like fish.
I like costco for the fresh salmon.  Just bake for 20 min at 350.  Sometime I put lemon pepper on it and sometimes teriayki sause.  Don't over cook it.  My new favorite is sea base, same cooking time.  Just make sure it is cooked thru but do not over cook.  Sea base is very mild tasting.  Not fishy.  I get the frozen sea base at costco.
I wish I could prepare fish like they did at this resturaunt i went to recently.

I went out with workmates so i felt compelled to try new things. The resturaunt encouraged sharing and they were small portions.

I tried tuna tartar (sp.) which was excellent, sushi, lobster mac and cheese (best dish) shrimp quesadillas, and a few other things and this coming from someone who wouldnt even touch canned tuna before.

the problem is, i don't know how to prepare it, and it's really expensive. I take fish oil supplements, but obviously im missing the protein and the metabolic effect of the real thing.
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I hate fish...seafood...anything that comes out of water or mud. The few types I've tried and were able to actually somewhat enjoy are...

FRESH tuna steaks seasoned and grilled. YUM! They are very meaty and fleshy and almost feel like a piece of tender beef when you bite in to them. I've had several tuna steaks that were BETTER tasting to me than filet mignon.

Tilapia...have to agree with the masses. Very mild almost tasteless fish that pickes up seasonings and marinades well.

Swordfish...not quite as flavorless as tilapia but a close second.

This is a recipe we found for marinated grilled catfish but it works well on lots of fish. I find that grilling the fish gives it the added grilled flavor and also helps mask any potential fishy flavor. Always buy the freshest fish you can find (and afford). Give everything the sniff test before you buy it and throw back anything that has a fishy odor.

1/4 cup Italian dressing

1-2 tablespoons dijon mustard

dash Worchestershire

Creole/Cajun seasoning

Mix dressing with mustard and pour over fillets. Sprinkle with Creole/Cajun seasoning and let marinate for about an hour. Grill and serve with grilled veggies.
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