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Where can i find Stevia??

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Can't find anywhere.  Walmart acted like they had never heard of it.




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You def won't find it at Walmart.  Its sold in health food stores like Trader Joe's or in the health food section of some large super markets.  Its pretty expensive, but I use it all the time in Tea and stuff, I love it.

I have purchased the liquid stevia with the dropper cap on Ebay and was happy with it, the dropper made it really handy to add drop by drop into tea or coffee.

Whole Foods/Wild Oat, Akins Natural Foods and even at Reasors if you have one where you are.  You can google it and get it online.  I love the packets.  You can make lemonade with it.  It balances your blood sugar and helps with yeast infections. 

Here in Iowa I can find it at HyVee in the health food section.

Oh thanks everyone, we don't have any of those stores where i live.  OH well i guess i can buy it online.  What form is the best to buy?? How much do you use of it do you just use it like sugar?? Or is it stronger?? Does it taste sweet?? Im trying to not eat as much sugar and my mom is a borderline diabetic and i told her about it and she wants to try it.  My friend is a vegetarian and she was using it in her tea and coffee when i was visiting or i wouldnt have even known about it.  :) 


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I love Stevia and  you can purchase it at GNC or Rite Aid.  Hope this helps.

you can always buy it on line!!! most of the time they have better deals too!!! i get stevia on there for so much cheaper than if you bought it at whole foods or wild oats!!! and with shipping... it is still cheaper! ha ha!

When we usually used to make 2 quarts of tea i would put about 1/2 cup of sugar in it so how much Stevia would you put in tea?? (we make alot of sweet tea) in our house. 




Try this website. p/ypdf-cat21260.htm

Stevia is really expensive most places, and this website has a free report you can download (if you give your email address to get newsletters - worth it tho), which has addresses of suppliers for Stevia and others natural health products which can be bought in bulk.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the website will check it out.




I can find packets of stevia at my local grocery store.  Believe it or not, it is located in the baking aisle.  You can also find it at Trader Joe's as well as Whole Foods if you have access to these stores.  If I recall properly, I was able to find the packets of stevia at Wal-Mart once upon a time.

Stevia is quite sweeter than sugar.  I would suggest "taste-testing" as you go.  Start small and add as you need.

If you live in Canada, you can buy it at Shopper's Drug Mart.

I'm not sure if you found it yet but here in Cali we have it at Ralphs which is the same as Kroger/fry's/Smith's and also I saw it at Sprouts and Whole foods.

Hm.  Old post, but I'll contribute anyway in case anyone else is wondering this.  Of course, two years later, it's probably somewhat more readily available than when this post was written.

I personally love stevia.  In my opinion, it tastes better than either sucralose or aspartame.   I always buy packets of granulated Truvia brand stevia.  These are available at Walgreens and Fred Meyer (and I'd assume most other major grocery stores). 

I've never seen it sold in any other form.  I'd be curious to know how the liquid extract, for example, compares to the granulated form. 

I found it at safeway in the sugar section they had packets($6) and a small jar ($10) As someone else mentioned i saw it at shoppers As well life brand in a pouch ($12)

That's odd, my walmart carries it. Although its not at the prime "eye level", it's up on the top shelf. 

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