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Where can I find low carb frozen meals?

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Taking frozen meals for lunch at work sometimes is a lifesaver but I'm tring to find one that has low carbs.  Anyone have any suggestions?

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Can you manage to make something from scratch on the weekend and then divide it up into individual containers to throw in the freezer?

I know, your weekend is probably jam packed enough with all the errands you have to put off until then.

The problem is that the quality of processed frozen dinners (low calorie, low carb, you name it...) is extremely poor. If it's low-calorie, it'll be stuffed with sugar. If it's low carb it'll be stuffed with the processed fats (trans and hydrogenated). The grade of meats and vegetables that go into them are also waaay lower than what you would consider buying and eating if you made it yourself.

This may not be relevant for you at all but there is now plenty of evidence that the more you use your hands to prepare food then the more you protect yourself from developing depression and the less you binge on or rush your food when it comes time to eat.

I'm sorry it's not really the answer you wanted but hopefully someone else will post with other options too.


I actually did think of making my own frozen dinners but then I started looking online at the best way to do this (I am not very domestic!) and there was a lot of warnings out there about what food you can freeze and what you can't freeze and if you don't do it a certain way then you could get food poisoning.  So I got scared out of it.   I would love to be able to cook on Sunday and make some frozen dinners for the week.   But I also wouldn't know what kind of containers to use so that I could reheat/unthaw in a microwave at work.

Any suggestions appreciated.


I guess your best bet would not be meals at all if you're looking for low carb frozen meals. Just buy frozen chicken cutlets that are already cooked and heat those. Take a ww wrap with you to get some good whole grains and pair it with some almonds or nuts to get healthy fats and you're good to go.

However, maybe you should reconsider the low carb thing altogether since it is not the most sustainable or healthy way to lose weight. What macronutrient ranges do you aim for?

I don't know about carbs specifically since I don't really pay attention to them, but Kashi frozen dinners and healthy and delish! I would think that some of them would be low-carb too since their whole thing is healthy food.

Costco (and I'm guessing BJ'S or Sam's Club depending on what's in your area) usually carries south beach diet meals which are low carb.  

Also, the warnings about freezing food properly so you don't get food poisoning probably has to do with proper food handling before freezing and are the same for cooking in general.  The big things being 1) wash hands before and after handling raw meat and eggs  to prevent cross contamination 2) Use separate cutting boards for meat and vegetables again to prevent cross contamination 3) cook food to its proper temperature 4) portion food into individual servings for storage 5) don't leave food at room temperature too long before freezing.  

For more information here's a link to webmd ing/preventing-food-poisoning

Once the food is frozen the food will not spoil.  The cold temperatures prevent the bacteria that cause food poisoning from forming.  As for proper storage that really has to do with maintaining the quality of the food and preventing freezer burn.  My basic point is take your usual, sensible steps to avoid food poisoning and you should be fine.  There's no reason to be more fearful of  freezing food than there is to be afraid of cooking in general. 

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