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Cannot find barley aka bulgar at the store?

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What stores have you seen it and what aisle was it on?
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Try the bulk section in a natural foods store.
Barley and bulgar wheat are not the same thing. But for either, look in the same aisle as the rice, or in the "ethnic" food sections.

Our local Meier's carries the Quaker Oat's barley (boxed).  They have it with the rice, pasta, boxed stuffing etc.

What kind of barley? There's hulled (the healthiest form of barley) which I purchase at Whole Foods in the bulk section; there's scotch barley which has some of the nutrients and fiber gone, you might find it at an ethnic section of a market; then there's pearled barley which is kind of like white rice--so refined it isn't that healthful. That you can find at any supermarket by the rices.

Bulgur is different. It's made from wheat and is available in the bulk section of whole foods or in the ethnic area of some markets.

it seems like i've seen it with couscous which is around the rice and/or pasta...

We found our barley in the aisle with rice and pastas.  It wasn't the easiest thing to spot as there was only one type, and it's in a bag like pre-packaged lentils come in.  I think we got ours at Kroger or WalMart.
Thanks everyone for the help. As you see I really know nothing about it but will check out all the suggestions.
Barley is an old fashioned farmer's staple. When I went to Wal-Mart for it, finally found it by the oatmeal- in a stupid box. Found it was a mostly cooked flaked product- not the stuff I grew up with at all. Safeway had the real deal in a bag and about 30 cents cheaper. Bulgar makes a tasty pilaf. If you have a grinder, you can grind wheat kernals and make your own bulgar- we used to do that all the time when we were quite poor and needed to eat plus had a daughter to feed.

My grocery store keeps boxes of quaker oats brand barley in the cereal aisle.

and bags of it mixed in with the dried beans.

Grocery stores here have the barley (both pearl and pot) in bags in the section with dried beans and lentils and such.

The bulgur wheat is only available in the organic line of products at my stores, so it's over in the organic section of dry items like alternative flours, cormeal, etc, I think in the baking aisle.


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