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Figwee: Judging Calories By Portion Size

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"There are dozens and dozens of on-line diet trackers.

Most of them pretty much offer the same thing - find a food, select the quantity, and see how many calories you've taken in.

A new tracker - with the unusual name of Figwee - offers a few extras - and is worth a mention.

Figwee is a diet tracker with an extensive library of food images. Search for a food and instead of just text - you get a picture.

Here's where things get special. Add the food into your diary, and you are able to visually select the appropriate portion size (by gram weight or by ounces). Push the slider up and more chicken appears on the plate.

The example below shows baked chicken breast in 3oz, 6oz, and 0oz portions. Apparently the database contains 25,000 photos!  ;

An amazing idea - however - the trouble with many calorie counters is that many meals (both restaurant and home-cooked) contain a large array of different foods on the plate.

Note: Figwee is very much in beta test stage."

- by J. Foster


just sharing with you guys! & i think Figwee is so cool. :D

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