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I bought some Jolly Time popcorn the other day and I noticed that the fiber in their popcorn is amazingly high - a little more than 1/3 of the total carbs.  I was just wondering how they got so much fiber into a regular popcorn kernel if other brands tend to have maybe 1/6 of the carbs coming from fiber.

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No butter maybe?

What flavor? Caramel Apple is to die for! I have a lg bag every night!

Popcorn has TONS of fiber. I like to air pop it and add just a bit of spray butter and salt. Yummy!

I don't know the answer to the fiber question for OP, but I've always wondered why they bother listing calories for unpopped popcorn.  Does anyone eat it that way? Surprised

In response to momma, yes... I like to eat the unpopped kernals from the bottom of the bowl.  I wouldn't eat an entire bag of them, but I guess some people might...

I like eating the partially popped ones. Smile

They are crunchier and tastier in my opinion.

the kernel are denser so they have more fiber per volume. once popped the fiber is less due to volume. It is unfortunate that they make it so confusing. Like one person says why give the info for unpopped, no one eats the kernels that way.

It's not fiber by the volume that I am concerned about, though.  I noticed that out of 23 carbs, 9 are from fiber for the Jolly Time, while other popcorns have 3-7, varying per the same amount of carbs.  I was just wondering where the discrepancy came from.

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I Googled "popcorn fiber difference" and got this page.  I undestand your question, and I agree there is something fishy going on with the labeling.  I'm inclined to go to Jolly Time's website and ask them directly to defend their label, but I may try a few more of the Google results, first, in case someone else has discovered the answer.  I'll come back and tell you, if I find anything.

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