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Is feta cheese really bad for you?

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I know feta probably has a lot of salt ...but it is sooooooo good.  Can't anyone comment?

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Personally, I use feta sparingly because it is so salty (crumbles are the best,) therefore I eat less of it , need less of it in recipes, to make an impact. A few sprinkles of it and I know it's there!

I especially like the Athenos Reduced Fat tomato and Basil! It tastes exactly like normal feta! Yum, yum, yum.

On the other hand, I can pack away an entire block of sharp cheddar if I wasn't on this whole healthy lifestyle thing, but since I only use feta in recipes and can't eat the stuff plain, I don't think it's that bad for me. So, like everything else, in moderation.

oh and one other thing, the reduced fat version has the most sodium, so if that's your downfall nutrition wise, stick to the normal tomato and basil with more fat and less sodium.

I eat regular, full-fat cheese every day.  Twice a day, sometimes.  If you eat the 1 ounce portion, the salt does not become an issue, nor do the fat grams or calories.  Cheese is an awesome way to make diet meals of veggies and chicken interesting.  Keeps me from using creamy sauces and loads of other stuff!

It's just cheese. 

It does have a lot of sodium, but that's not necessarily bad.  Sodium itself isn't bad, it's only if you eat too much or too little that it becomes a problem.  Your body needs some amount of sodium because:

"Sodium maintains the body’s fluid and electrolyte balance, acid-base balance, muscle contractions, and nerve transmission." --, HERE

Everything in moderation. :)

I hope not because I just put it in my turkey wrap for tomorrow's lunch!

According to CC, 1 oz only has 316 mg so if you use it sparingly (as with all cheeses), you should be fine.
I'm leary of a lot of cheese for caloric reasons. (I didn't even think about sodium content with Feta.) It doesn't take much cheese to all of a sudden have a higher caloric meal.

I usually pick cheeses that are really strong, like parm, so I don't need to use much. Now, even though feta is one of the "strong" cheeses. I could seriously eat at TON of it at one time......that one can be a bit of a weakness :P!!! Best for me to just stay away!
I used to able to eat half a pound of cheese at a sitting, quite easily.  But I once heard a good suggestion... "Cheese is a flavouring, not a food".... and have changed my attitude.  Like other contributors, I use the very best quality, strongly flavoured, full-fat cheese I can find (including Feta) and use it in much smaller amounts. 
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I agree with pretty much what everyone else said.  I stick to the full fat because I tend to eat a lot of sodium so the bit of extra fat is less of a problem for me.  Just use it in moderation, and it isn't bad for you.  Get real feta (one that is mostly sheep milk with a bit of goat milk).  It tastes so much better that the mass produced cow milk "feta" and you won't mind using less because it has so much flavour you don't need much.

I'm surprised no one's mentioned the sat fat! Feta, and all other full-fat dairy, is very high in sat fat. That, not the sodium, is the reason full-fat dairy should be avoided, IMHO.
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