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Feeling drowsy! What can I eat to pep me up?

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I'm trying SO hard to fight going to Dunkin' Donuts for a coffee but I'm so exhausted this morning.  Not really sure why -- I went to sleep way earlier than usual last night (10:45pm -- woke up at 6:15am) and I didn't work out last night (Mondays are my day off). 

I had breakfast already --

1 medium banana

1 Trader Joe's Apple Cranberry Bran Muffin (80 kcals, 13g fiber)


And now I'm drinking green tea (no milk or sugar).  Definitely not helping to wake me up.


I'm at work right now and I have some baby carrots, semi-frozen mixed berries (thawing for later consumption), 0% vanilla greek yogurt, Designer whey protein powder in chocolate, and my lunch (tofu in ginger sauce with onions), which I'd like to actually save for lunch time.  What do you think I should eat that will help wake me up?  Do you think there's a reason I'm feeling so drowsy?

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carrots or the whey powder

I will probably be boo'ed when people hear this but I use coffee in the am to wake me up. Im a terrible sleeper unless I exercise enough during the day to tire me out. But when I do feel tired I turn to my coffee :) I love green tea too but sometimes I drink so much it can make me nauseaus! Your probably feeling drowsy because you didnt eat enough this morning so boost it up :)

How about a coffee (Black) or with skimmed milk and a couple of slices of rye bread with jam that always boost me up no end.

I know this won't help you right now, but I have heard that apples are really good at waking you up, so maybe you can keep an apple or two around for days you're feeling sleepy.

I won't boo you, hollie07, but I am really trying to avoid coffee!  I don't need the extra calories and I don't want the acidity either.  :) 


Just ate my baggie o' baby carrots and while I'm not feeling as sleepy, now I feel MORE hungry! 


Maybe I'm dehydrated?

If you are feeling drowsy, it may be your blood sugar level. Your breakfast was healthy but sometimes having some lean protein (like slice of deli turkey, or egg white) or just a little bit of healthy fat (like couple peanuts) or one of those slow release carbos like oatmeal will help in keeping blood sugar levels steady and this way you feel better and have less craving.

Check your "analyze"

feature in your food diary and see if your carbs percentige is very high and fat and protein is very low. The analyze feature will also tell you the amount of "sugars" included in the carbs, which is very interesting. The less "sugars", the more steady your blood sugar levels also.

madetoshine, try a protein rich meal with a little dab of fat and some none white carbo (no bread, sugar, potatoes) and see if that will help.

Or, if that is not it, did you get a good night's sleep? They say when a person does not get enough sleep, they crave the junk and eat more of it...maybe that is why you want donut and coffee?

Good Luck!



Can you stand up and do a few jumping jacks?  Maybe walk to the another floor of your building (if possible).  Log onto a joke website and give yourself a good laugh maybe? :-)

Suck on a few peppermints. Altoids are incredibly strong (so much so that some think they're too strong), but peppermint has been shown to boost awake-ness (is that a word? LOL)

haha, I was going to suggest jumping jacks-someone beat me to it.  Laughing

Your breakfast was sugary/carby, you're probably having a crash.  Try some protein as someone else has mentioned too.  I would start the day with whole grains, not a muffin.  Maybe plain yoghurt with fruit and wheat germ. 

Coffee itself doesn't add sugar. A couple of teaspoons won't kill you. 

sometimes for me, having a shower first thing in the morning wakes me up, instead of having it at night.

also, citrus fruits are good for waking your senses too. ever thought of having grapefruit or oranges for breakfast?

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