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Favorite things to eat with pasta

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I have whole wheat pasta once a day and love it. But I'm looking for something new.

What do you eat with pasta? What are your favorite veggie combos? Do you like to add spices? Please share, all ideas welcome and appreciated. :)
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I need protein with every meal or I don't get full so I usually have mine with chicken.  I also like to dice up green peppers, yellow swuash, broccoli, and cauliflower (after I've stemed them) and add them to the sauce.  It's really yummy.  And of course, garlic gets added to EVERYTHING!

Sometimes I'll mix tuna, some ricotta cheese, and some parm cheese in with the noodles and it's really yummy.
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I love chicken breast strips or shrimp as a source of protein with pasta.
Snow peas and sugar snap peas are my absolute favorite thing to eat with pasta.  My pasta dishes are often more snow peas than pasta, ha.  Any crunchy vegetable is fantastic with pasta.  I love making medleys of different colored peppers to put with my pasta.  And of course I always have chicken in there for protein.  :)
We use the pasta noodles to make lo mein.  Alex and I eat more oriental foods than anything.
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I usually make a sauce with ricotta and mozzarella melted into it. Or you could always make a whole wheat baked ziti or veggie lasgana with spinach, eggplant, portobellos, squash, etc...

I like tomato, basil, and black bean. This is best with whole-wheat rigatoni.

I sometimes make mine into soups. 

Lots of stuff can also be done with whole-wheat couscous. 

i like mine with chicken, sun dried tomatoes, little bit of olive oil, basil, black olives, and of course a little parmesan cheese...mmm my mouth is watering just thinkin about it =)

i also like doing eggplant parmesan over my pasta but its way better if you fry the eggplant and i'm quite confident is not as healthy that way.  it also requires lots of cheese to make it perfect  Laughing

I laughed a little at all the protein comments... whole wheat pasta has a lot of protein itself!

I like to buy the elbow kind and eat it with onion, garlic, tomato, eggplant, green and red bell pepper, tomato sauce, and nutritional yeast. Mmmm. When I was little my dad used to give us a slice of bread with peanut butter whenever we had Italian food... it's actually a really good combo of flavors!

Favorites here include:

1) Pasta with diced canned tomatoes, black olives, chicken sausage (any kind), broccoli rabe, garlic. We make this a lot.

2) Pasta with artichokes, chicken, basil, capers, onions, spinach in a  white wine sauce with lemon

3) Pasta with tons of fresh basil, broccoli, pine nuts, feta cheese, a bit of olive oil, and crushed red pepper

4) A sauce made of diced canned tomatoes, olive tapenade, tons of capers, and a little wine all cooked down together then tossed over the pasta... if you want you can also add shrimp or another type of fish.

5) Pasta with pesto sauce and zhucchini and dice tomatoes is nice esp in the summer; another good summer dish is fresh tomatoes, fresh garlic, fresh basil and pasta... just toss it all together and eat at room temp. Yumm. You can add some buff mozz if you like.

6) My friend likes to make an alfredo sauce with cream, eggs, bacon, parmesan... but it's rich. Tastes great though!

7) Pad Thai - google for a recipe. I haven't made this in a long while, but it's good, especially if you like peanut butter and cilantro.
I like mine with canned tomatoes, tomato paste, fresh tomatoes, garlic, capsicum, fresh basil, olive oil, salt and pepper.. perfecto. Or sometimes I eat it with brocolli and tuna- strange combination, I know!

When I was veg I used to eat pasta with garbanzos, spinach and hoisin sauce. Sounds pretty gross now, actually, but it was good at the time.

You could make a take on "Risi e Bisi" (rice and peas) but use pasta instead. Add prawns for a yummeh meal. Shrimp and peas are best mates.

In the summer I eat a lot of variations of olio e aglio (olive oil and garlic) as a pasta sauce. Those are the only two ingredients to the sauce (ha!) Add S&P to taste. Accoutrements include diced fresh tomatoes, chopped basil, roasted bell peppers, red chili flake, etc.

Also, you could make a light version of tuna casserole by using canned albacore, sauteed mushrooms and celery, and just enough olive oil to moisten the noods. Add a little lemon zest and chopped parsley for extra yummeh. 

Greek style with crumbled feta, Greek olives, fresh toms and cukes with chopped parsley.

I can go on forever.... 

i love eating whole wheat pasta mixed with a kind of ratatouille--eggplant, italian diced tomatoes, and minced garlic. it doesn't even need sauce and it's super good.
 Wow. I'm going to try some of these they all sound so great. Keep the ideas coming if people have more... I wasn't the OP but found all the ideas lots of help. Yum Pasta.
I thought of another one, perfect for this time of year, I haven't made this in awhile. This requires a lot of butter, probably more than you want to use if you're dieting, but it's yummy:

Saute carrots and tons of fresh, whole sage leaves in butter. Toss over bowtie pasta with a bit of parmesan.
I'm not a huge pasta eater.  But when I do, I use Ronzoni Healthy Harvest.  After I cook it, I sautee it in a few sprays of olive oil and garlic.  Sometimes I add a LOT of brocolli :)
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