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Favorite chefs from the food Network?

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Who is everyone's favorite chef from the food network?:)

I LOVE Guy Fieri I also love Jeff Mauro(sandwich king) Giada Bobby Dean:) And Micheal Symone
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You just picked my least favourite Food Network personalities.
And Bobby Flay to that list and call it 'the people I always turn over' haha

Tyler Florence, Alton Brown, Giada

My favorite chefs to watch are the original Japanese Iron Chefs.

Barefoot Contessa (Ina Garten) and Michael Smith. love love!

I like robert irvine and jeff mauro. And also keegan gerhardt...he's not really a chef on any shows but he is a judge and a pastry chef. He owns a restaurant in denver where I live and I got to meet him once!

I like Giada and Ina Garten. I wish Ina was a little bit more health conscious, though. And same with Giada sometimes. I've found a few good recipes from Sunny Anderson (I think that's her name anyway), especially this pumpkin ancho chili chicken tacos recipe.

I get really annoyed at Paula Deen (can't handle the excessive use of heavy cream, butter, oil, etc. and her accent), Sandra Lee, and especially The Neely's.

LOVE GUY FIERI!! Such a slob, and a total d-bag... yet strangely entertaining haha!

Jaime Oliver.. cutie pie, and keeps food simple

The girl from "Bitchin' Kitchen", she's funny in a crazy gypsy sorta way



That French cooking show lady (no idea what her name is)

Anna Olsen

the "Sweet Genius" guy (no explanation required)

the "Pitchin' In" woman (her hand tattoo bothers me, it looks like a piece of duct tape, and she looks like the stereotypical lesbian)


Original Post by ksmart1444:

I like robert irvine 

EW EW EWWWW Robert Irvine!!

Forgot about him. Add that to my "dislike" list. 

Original Post by carmenxox:


the "Sweet Genius" guy (no explanation required)



Completely agree. He gives me nightmares.

Haha! Totally agree about the sweet genius. He's just weird
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