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Favorite Caffeine Free Drinks

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I have cut back on my caffeine a ton and have been good about drinking mostly water during the day but I sometimes get bored and want something with a little more flavor.  What is your favorite caffeine free, low calorie drink?  I have my own favorites (Crystal Light, Diet Sprite, Ginger Ale, and Tava is my new favorite) but want to see if anyone else has a favorite I haven't found! 
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skim milk or soy milk is good! plus you get a little extra protein and calcium.

also, you can get caffeine-free coca-cola, in the gold cans.

another thing-- those to-go tea stick powder things that you add to water are pretty good too. i like the raspberry :)

Caffeine free tea, but my favorite is carbonated flavored water- there's this brand called "Sam's," which I thoroughly enjoy. (Especially the lemon-lime flavor. Tastes like Sprite/Sierra Mist/7 Up) Uhh.... Diet Soda in general is good, such as Diet Root Beer.
I wish I liked milk more but I can't drink a lot of it or my stomache gets upset :/  Caffeine free soda always tastes a little funny to me but I will drink it when I'm craving a Coke.

I do love those to-go-powder things.  And I feel like there is another flavor every time I turn around!  Yum!

Phoenix- You might like Tava if you like things like Sprite.  Think of it as Sprite with a good fruit flavor.  Where do you get Sam's?  I have never heard of it but it sounds like something I should try!
Sounds good, though I haven't heard of that before, either!

It's a pretty common generic brand- I find it at Walmart in these bulk crates for pretty cheap; comes in 1 Liter bottles, too!

This is a pretty generic one, but I lo~ove decaf green and peppermint tea (Tetley's makes really yummy stuff) and decaf Orange Pekoe when I want something dippable (I usually dip low fat cookies in tea Wink)

 If I'm out and I want something that won't keep me up, sugar-free caffeine-free Pepsi is actually not bad in small quantities.

Well now that it is like 70 degrees, I don't like to drink hot green tea. So i boil water, throw in 3 green tea bags and make it cold. I love it as an alternative to water when I need some flavor.
I like soymilk, chai tea or Starbuck's Passion Iced Tea Lemonade... 100 cals for a tall or just 60 without the lemonade :)
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