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How much fat per meal

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Im a vegan and my diet is very low in fat except for when I eat soybean butter or nuts. The soybean butter has 11 grams per serving plus 1 gram for my wheatbix which brings me to 12 grams of fat for my that to much fat at one time? How many grams of fat is good for each meal?
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Ther's no hard and fast rule. For me, breakfast is super low fat, but dinner is higher fat (mind you I'm not vegan so I guess its different)
Just try and keep your daily amount down.
Also, concentrate on good fats - eating nuts isnt bad cos its fatty, eating roasted nuts isnt as good as there's more saturated fat. The fat inw eetbix, i doubt would count. Its such a small amount.
try an avocado....i'm not a vegan but I was having the same problem as you....I was unintentionally eating too little fat and then going nuts on the carbs....not healthy.  Avocados are saviors though, flax seed has fat too I think (maybe? I don't know, I've never tried it, I'm looking for it everywhere, it sounds like miracle stuff)
Log your food then look at the Analysis chart.  The usual amount of fat is 20 to 30% of calories.  You can go lower than that, but you do need fat to help you absorb important nutrients.  With a vegan diet, all the fats will be the good kind.
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