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Hey, been thinking and i was wondering...
What is considered Low Fat?
How many grams of fat can be considered "Low Fat" for a daily intake?
How much fat do people on Low Fat Diets try to eat a day?
Or do they just try to eat as little as possible?
Doesn't the body need SOME fat?
What is the minimum?

Also, how many carbs do people on Low Carb diets aim for?

I was just wondering because i don't think i've ever read any of the numbers anywhere.
Everyone just says "Low Fat" or "Low Carb"... they don't say how much they're actually eating of those things.

Anyway Smile Thanks for your time.
Take care!

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Less than 3 grams of fat is considered to be Low Fat - Per Serving Size 

Honestly, doing the low-fat diet is not necessarily the best means of weight loss because you need fat to lose fat [good fat that is - Omega 3 Fats & Monounsaturated Fats! = Consume to your hearts content: olive oil, fish, nuts, seeds, flaxseeds, avocados, free-ranged meats & leafy greens 


*In terms of Low Carb Diets = I believe they are a good means of weight loss because they restrict the consumption of refined carbs & processed starchy/sugar loaded carbs! I have been following an extremely low carb diet for a very long time [6 years to be exact] and I feel amazing, with enough energy to exercise for 90-110 minutes a day! I do not count my carbs because the only carbs I consume are from vegetables & I consider vegetables vitamin & mineral & antioxidant content to be a paramount importance over the amount of carbs consumed.... 

Cool :] Thanks!

Cool :] Thanks!

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just a question; is the purpose of low-fat diets to cut down on total calories consumed, or to cut down on fat while still consuming the same amount of calories?

I think it's to cut down the grams of fat... at least thats how i thought it was.

I am having problems with my eating at the moment and over eating every day for a whole month now and i've gained just about all the weight back that i lost in the last 10 months!
So, I am making up short week long diets to keep me motivated/interested.

First week: Low Carb (No pasta, bread, rice, but fruit and vegetables are all allowed)

Second Week: Low Fat (no oils or fats to be consumed except those found naturally in plants and grains)

Third Week: Low Sodium (Try and eat without adding any salt)

Fourth Week: ^^ Combine all of the above together.

Then after that i'll have to think of some other diets to play with.

Maybe after that i'd try a week of zig-zag dieting...
1200 cal
1300 cal
1400 cal

The purpose of a low-fat diet is usually to lose weight - ie consume less calories.  That is why the low-fat craze started.  If you're going to cut something out, cut out some fat, the wisdom went.  Fat is most expensive calorie wise, at 9 cal per gram, carbohydrate and protein are 4 calories per gram.  Cut out 20 grams of fat per day, you saved 180 calories, 20 grams of carb or protein cut out, you only saved 80 calories.

Unfortunately, even though we have seen a huge increase of low fat foods over the years (and they are definitely selling!), we have also seen the rates of obesity rise.  So, the thinking went, “we cut out the fat and added sugar to make low fat foods taste good, but people gained weight.  Sugar is a carbohydrate, thus, carbohydrate makes you fat!”

So then we saw the low-carb craze.  Eat all the meat and fat you want, but nothing that has carbs!

I have eventually realized that the best diet is both low-fat and low-carb – in a way….

Low-fat as in low in “bad” fats like saturated fat and trans fat, but healthy fats are ok, like in nuts, olive oil, etc.

Low-carb as in “bad” carb, like refined carbs and sugar, but complex carbs are ok like in fruit, brown rice, and vegetables.


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