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fat free or no sugar added?

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which is better for like ice cream and frozen yogurt?

Fat free usually has higher amounts of sugar, but it doesnt have fat, on the other hand the sugar it has is usually the bad kind.

But with no sugar added it still has the natural sugars, but it has fat,, but the fat is milk fat which is supposedly good for you.


so which is better?

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"No sugar added" usually has the artifical sweetener malitol syrup in it. Malitol isn't much better than regular sugar, if your body can digest it - it still turns into fat and still WILL spike your sugar. And if your body doesn't digest it, it gives you terrible gas and intestinal discomfort.

Ice-cream is meant to be dairy cream, sometimes eggs, with sugar, vanilla, chocolate or some fruit to flavour.... that's about it.  All of these 'low-cal', 'low-sugar' lookalikes are just a collection of nasty thickeners, sweetners, colours, and other dodgy gunk.   The one that's 'better for you' is almost certainly the original full-fat, full-sugar version..... enjoyed in small amounts.
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The one that's 'better for you' is almost certainly the original full-fat, full-sugar version..... enjoyed in small amounts.

 i agree. found a ben & jerry's flavor that i'm actually willing to pay for (creme brulee). since it still hurts to pay so much for just a pint i'm able to make myself eat half servings. get to savor the great taste without too much calorie or $ guilt!

I especially love the word 'savour' (or 'savor' if you prefer)......  and think it deserves a revival!  

I agree with gi-jane, neither.  The real thing with natural ingredients is actually the best for you.  Lower calorie doesn't always equal better for you.  Just eat smaller portions.

If you have to pick one, I would pick 'no sugar added' - the full fat version will make you feel more full afterward.

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ok now im just scared of frozen yogurt in general haha

I realize that the normal/full fat version may in the long run be better for you, but if you're going the diet route, why not do both?

Edy's makes this UNBELIEVABLE ice cream that's both fat free and no sugar added. It has like 4 grams of sugar in it and no fat per half cup. Sure, it has artificial sweeteners, but if you want diet, I'd go for that.

I've also heard that Blue Bunny makes really good fat free, no sugar added ice cream but I've never tried it. I'm sure it's good though.
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i was talking more about like when youre at the mall or an ice cream parlor and the choice is either fat free or no sugar added

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