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fat free or low fat protein sources?

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I am having trouble finding sources of protein that are low fat/fat free. Beans and greek yogurt are about it for me and I don't want to get bored, I want more variety. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot!! :)

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Are you on a low-fat diet for medical reasons? Are you vegetarian? There are plenty of lean cuts of meat that are low in fat...

Hard.  boiled.  egg.  whites.  LOVE them love them love them.  Fat free, and a quick little shot of protein.  15 calories, 3 grams of protein.  Nice on the go snack.

Another good shot of fat fee protein - scallops.  LOVE those little suckers.  Toss 'em in a salad - broil 'em - cook them in a non-stick pan with just a quick shot of cooking spray - you're good!  3 ounces of scallops have about 22 grams of protein and under a gram of fat.  (pretty much the only fat in scallops is what you control by how you cook them.... me, I broil 'em w/no butter.)

Also Pure Protein Shakes made by Worldwide Fitness are another favorite.  35 grams of protein.  Oh yeah, baby.  I said 35.  The creamy vanilla has 1 gram of fat - ONE - to go with those 35 grams of protein


Other good source

If you're not vegetarian, then fish is a great option.  Be sure to opt for both lean and fatty fish...the "fat" in fatty fish is actually very low (maybe 5g) BUT it's super, super healthy fat, including Omega 3 fatty acids, which none of us get enough of.

Along with your beans, throw in lentils! 

Other lean meats include bison/buffalo, venison, chicken, turkey...there are lean cuts of pork, lean chicken sausage (a great brand is al fresco, about 2g of fat a link and soooo yummy, minimally processed)...cottage cheese (my fav is friendship 1% whipped).

Make sure you are getting enough GOOD fat though.  It's a GREAT idea to cut out all trans fat and most saturated fat, but other fats help with weight loss and overall health.  It can be as easy as eating fatty fish like salmon, tuna or mackeral, or adding flax seed oil to your yogurt (which btw regular yogurt can be fat free, low fat, low sugar, sugar free etc. if you look around).

I'd also recommend you go with lentils, chickpeas and other pulses besides beans.  Tofu is another good protein.  Lean meat and fish have a lot going for them.  Whole eggs are just as good as egg-whites.  You need about 25-30% fat in your diet... fat-free isn't particularly healthy.

Cottage cheese

Naturally more peanut butter


Egg beaters


Tuna, salmon, chicken, beef, pork


Don't be afraid of fat. Only trans-fats. Other fats are necessary.

Thanks everyone for the information. I can't wait to try some of these foods out! I'm not a vegetarian and I do understand that I need a portion of fat in my diet but after entering my meals in I find that my diet often times is about 40% fat, 50% carbs and only 10% protein. Not very balanced, and I wondered why I had high cholesterol at only 24 years old. Thanks everyone for the great examples :)

Fat free cottage cheese is a great source of protein, also fat free ricotta.  I would be afraid of eating too much fat, although I do agree that you should have some in your diet.  So cheese and peanut butter don't sound like good choices.

Whole grains have more protein than processed, so you can get a few grams there by consistently eating whole grain pasta, bread and cereal.  I am a vegetarian and eat dairy and usually eat about 20% protein vs. 20% fat on a daily basis.  

Egg whites and egg beaters don't cut it with me, but if I sometimes eat 2 eggs, with just one yolk.  The yolk is where all the fat lives, but also all the B vitamins!  The protein is in the white.  One full egg and the white of another make a nice balance.

Nonfat milk is a great source of protein and calcium.  Good on whole grain cereal. 

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just diagnosed celiac, then no-fat diet for gall-stones...your input and other's is such a god sent.  bless you for taking the time to help others w/ issues.  humanity IS a good thing.  just gotta look around!

No one mentioned shrimp yet, how about shrimp?

Cook it in a stir fry or just shrimp cocktail or something..



I love fat free plain yogurt, mixed with pure pumpkin, cinnamon, and a little stevia. It's a delicious dessert! 18 grams of protein! 125-200 calories depending on how much pumpkin you use. It's high protein, high fiber, and get's a A rating. Best of all it's yummy!

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