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Fat free cottage cheese....Sodium...what the heck

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I was going back over the past week in my food analysis as noticed that my sodium intake had shot way up one day.  It was the same day that I started eating cottage cheese.  So I looked at the nutrition info and noticed that it had 450mg for a 1/2c.  Isn't that quite a bit.  I thought that I was having a really healthy snack that was filling and nutritious when ever I was feeling a bit hungry at odd hours.   What do most people try to stay under as far as sodium intake?  Thanks all and sorry if this is super-newbish.

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My official average, looking at the last few days, seems to come in at <1000mg sodium a day.   However, that's more a product of my diet choices rather than a conscious effort to be particularly 'low sodium'.  All cheese is very salty but cheese in general I limit to small amounts.  Also foods like preserved meats, smoked fish etc.  Processed foods, canned goods and things like readymeals or shop-bought sandwiches I tend to avoid in preference to more home-made meals and fresh products.  I do use a pinch of salt in cooking but don't add any extra at the table.
Mar 26 2008 10:27
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Get the no sodium added version. 45mg sodium per 1/2 cup, and around here available brands are Lucerne and Deans lowfat 1%. Without the salt it tastes bland, so you might want to flavor it with something.
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Well, at one point I was very into counting calories, but also the nutrition as well. After trying to count the carbs, fat, sugar, vitamins, potassium (too much is bad?), and calcium that I had every day, it was too much to worry about sodium on top of everything. Try and wean your taste buds off highly salty foods but don't beat yourself up about it, since high-salt low-fat cottage cheese is ultimately better than high-salt higher-fat cottage cheese.

I've never understood why they have to put that much salt in cottage cheese.  It does need a little.  The no salt added kind is really blah.  But why so much?

Haha thanks, I never even looked for a low sodium version because I didn't realize how much sodium it had.  I will definitely check that out, thanks again.

I tried the low sodium version once and added my own chives and a dash of salt.  It tasted awful! I gave up cottage cheese for a long time because of it.  Can anyone recommend ways to flavor low-sodium cottage cheese that might work a bit better?
I think, like a lot of foods, if something is 'High in X' it's better to eat a smaller amount of the original and enjoy it rather than hunt for the same food 'Low in X' and find it's very disappointing. 

I had 2oz cottage cheese (full fat, full sodium version) in my lunchtime sandwich today.  Since my menu got an 'A' from CC I'm not going to worry about it. 
Mar 26 2008 14:51
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Lots of ways to make the low sodium version more interesting....paprika, black pepper, salsa, tabasco, a small amount of strong cheese (such as myzithra, feta or parmesan - these are salty, so don't use much).  Or pair it with fruit chunks.  Or, like gi-jane, use it as a sandwich filling, or topping.  The low sodium stuff is blah, but it's hard to pass on its high protein content. 
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This may be weird but I mix 1/2 cup cottage cheese with a light and fit yogurt and some cinnamon.  The taste combo is great and it makes me feel as if I'm eating rice pudding but much healthier. 

Also just adding cinnamon with a little bit of splenda is good or any sugar free jelly/preserves. 
Original Post by gi-jane:

I think, like a lot of foods, if something is 'High in X' it's better to eat a smaller amount of the original and enjoy it rather than hunt for the same food 'Low in X' and find it's very disappointing. 


I agree!  The other day I was eating a tuna sandwich with low-cal bread, reduced fat cheese, reduced fat mayo... and I was halfway through it and realized, "This sandwich has no taste!!!"  I want to actually enjoy what I'm eating.  It makes me appreciate my meal more.

I was also shocked to find how much sodium is in cottage cheese, and also in canned tuna!  Its a shame really... my sodium is very, very high every day.  150% of daily recommeded value, at least.  I'm trying to cut back on processed foods, but its very hard to do!  I don't understand at all how someone could be less than 1000 mg in a day.

It's me that often gets less than 1000mg.  I don't use processed foods at all, that's probably why.   This was yesterday and it came to 1200mg (I blame the soy sauce).

Breakfast.... cereal, milk and piece of fruit

Lunch.... (Home-made) wholemeal bread sandwich with a filling such as cottage cheese, or (again home made) egg mayo, salad, tomato.  A low fat yoghurt.  A banana.

Supper...  Yesterday I made baked chicken thighs which had been marinaded in a little honey, mustard and soy sauce... served with some stir-fried spinach leaves and some brown rice...
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try LIGHT ricotta cheese.. it's a bit different than cottage but texture is somewhat the same, and i actually prefer ricotta better now. The tast is more milder.

My part skim ricotta is 90 cals per serving with only 55mg of sodium.
try friendship no salt added. it is great and only 50 g of sodium per serving. I get it all the time.
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