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I haven't tried FF cheese in a long time.  Does it still taste like a flavorless wax?  Just wondering if I should stay away or if I could get some tips on what FF cheese works on.  For example, Does it work on pizza? sandwiches?  Does it melt into an egg casserole?  Are there some brands that work better than others?  Any info is appreciated!
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Ewww...gross.  IMO it's a total waste of time.  You are much better off using smaller amounts of the real thing or using part skim mozzarella instead.
haha. as for kraft fat-free cheese, it is pretty flavorless [the american kind anyway. maybe sharp cheddar is better] but the texture's the same as regular ol' cheese. it seems to have a slightly lower melting point, though. but people have told me to stay away from 100% fat-free cheese because of additives or something.. any idea?
if ure gonna eat cheese i recommend getting the normal kind ><

ff cheese is awful
The fat free cheese slices from Kraft are good, in my opinion, but maybe I'm an easy-to-please person. :D

The sharp cheddar is good on anything the regular-fat slices are. It melts a bit weird, though - like if you heat it up it gets melty, but if you let it cool, it hardens again. I've had the swiss which is alright, but not nearly as good as the cheddar. I usually add it to a slice of toast if I'm low on protein for the day - per slice it's 5g protein for only 30 calories!

I suggest you just try it. It's about $2.50 for a pack, so it won't eat a hole in your wallet or anything. Hope you like it, I feel lonely being the only non fat-free cheese disser, haha. :)
BLAH!! FF cheese is a waste of time and sometimes costs more for less then sliced boars head deli cheese. I would go with sliced cheese from the deli.
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President fat-free feta is the only one I've found that tastes close to the flavor of regular cheese. It's pretty strong, so I usually use it as a topping to improve the flavor of unsalted cottage cheese.
I dont mind the low-fat ones. Really. I dont have ff cheese in australia but we have 50% less fat and its fine - it still melts. Also laughing cow light is nice for a cream cheese
Low fat good, Fat free, rubber, it doesn't even melt right, its not cheese unless it melts. 
Ummm... I like it?  Don't kill me?
When it comes to cheese and chocolate, I'd rather have a little bit of something good than a little too much of something that I wish was something good.

So I say go for your favorite cheese and don't overdo it. I think imported cheeses are the best.
so if you like it...what kind do you use and how do you use it?
I also like the sharp cheddar from Kraft.  It has pretty good flavor and melts really quickly.
There are lots of light (not fat free) deli swiss cheeses that are around 50 calories per slice. I really like Finlandia. Kraft 2% cheeses are also a great option. I think the extra 10-20 calories is worth it for the significantly better taste and avoiding the extra sodium and such they add to the fat free kind.
A good middle ground is the Laughing Cow Light wedges. They are about the same calories as the fat free (35 cal for one wedge) and really flavourful. It is a soft cheese and near me at least pretty reasonably priced at Trader Joe's. I like the Fat Free ones mixed with egg beaters and salsa or in veggie chili. I think it adds a creaminess to things, but even regular slices aren't really cheese so the fat free kind are even further from the real thing. To echo a previous post, I think the fat free feta is fantastic sub and tastes almost identical to the real thing.
Not a fan.  I just think it's tasteless.  I like reduced fat or 2%.  And I'm a big fan of the Laughing Cow Light.
I love the Kraft FF cheese. I've never noticed a difference in taste!
I've tried just about every cheese out there, no expert..but here's my take:

Agree that Kraft 2% is the best choice for use on eggs, pizza, and baking (it melts about the same, but usually wait to add it on top closer to the end so it doesn't burn on top, like potatoes or casseroles). 

Sandwiches: don't usually put cheese on sandwiches anymore because can't really taste it (well, not enough for the calories).  I use vinegrette, mustard, sour kraut, reduced fat mayo (only 20 cal), but regular pepper jack or swiss would be the best since they are lower in saturated fats and have stronger flavor so you can use less.

The Presidente light feta is my all time fav.  I get it in a solid block instead of crumbled then cut into 16 cubes (the package says 8 servings/ounces, but half oz really goes far) and each cube is around 30 cal and 2.5's acutally really good on pizza too.
the only kind of fat free cheese i like is fat free cottage cheese
i like FF cheese but i don't have picky tastebuds i'm mostly picky about texture but at least it's got a lot of calcium in it! 
I melt it onto my boca burgers and can't tell the difference from regular kraft singles.  Last night I also stirred it into chili and it made the whole thing taste really cheesy and good.  I melt it into quesadillas and bean burritos as well.
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