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fast, healthy foods that don't require cooking?

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Just started calorie counting to lose 20 lbs by the end of the year, so far it's going well but I have come across a problem. Most healthy recipes I find online require cooking for yourself, which is great except I'm in the military, we don't have stoves in our rooms, and very little space for cooking, for that matter. All I have is a microwave and a fridge/freezer. Healthy Choice and Lean Cuisine frozen meals are great, but after a week or so it kinda gets old - anyone know of/or where I can find some quick, easy recipes/foods that don't require cooking? 

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You might try looking up the Raw Foods Movement. Even if you still like cooked foods, there are a lot of very creative recipes out there.  Alternatively, you could get a cookbook for microwaves--I've seen some impressive ones at my local library.  Since it's back to school for college, there's probably some sort of sale on that subject in bookstores.

Google for microwave cooking as there are many recipes out there. Easy as Pie has a section on Microwave that should be of interest. Anything can be cooked in microwave by reducing time to about half and reducing amount of water; takes trial and error sometimes.  Good luck.

-plain oatmeal with mix ins such as peanut butter, honey, walnuts, raisins, almonds, ground flaxseed, wheat germ, chia seeds, egg whites, unsweetened coconut, wheat bran, banana slices, grated apple cooked in

-all natural peanut butter on a whole wheat sandwich thin... with apple and honey, or banana, or raisins and carrots.

-avocado + carrot sandwich

-little egg poacher that cooks eggs in the microwave on a whole wheat sandwich thin with a slice or cheese

-steamfresh veggies!!!

Yup... I'm a college student...

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Try canned tuna.  You can jazz it up with salt, pepper, and mustard.

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