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I have a boxed mix and i've made it before but i just don't know HOW to eat with what stuff? is it like a sandwich filler? a replacement for a fillet of protein? does it stand alone? 

stupid question but i've never had it made for me so i don't know how it's supposed to be eaten.

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put it into a pita, rip off a bit of the top of the pita so u can out stuff inside.

then line it w/hummas, put the falafel balls in, then put chopped veggies(cucs, tomato, lettuce), then pout on tehina sauce.  u could also add pickled veggies, french fries...

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Falafel is mostly chickpeas (or fava beans in Egypt, I think), so it's very high in protein. I also always put it in pitas, although I prefer tzatziki sauce over tahini.

Tzatziki = sour cream, grated cucumbers and garlic

BTW, if you enjoy falafel, they're pretty easy to make from scratch with a food processor. Also, they're almost as good baked as they are fried.

i tried falafel in a pita before with cucumbers and tomatoes...then i tried it alone as a "fillet" of protein. i didn't know what was the proper way to have it..haha. thanks for the replies!!

Eat it however you want, in pita bread, on salads, whatever. BTW I made some myself (out of necessity, couldn't find any boxed stuff!) and it's surprisingly easy to do. You don't have to deep fry them either, shallow frying is fine, they end up much less greasy


I never fry them, always grill. 

They're a traditional north african food, so are yummy with that kind of spicy type food, chillies and natural yogurt in a pitta.  Yum! 

I also just have them as the protein alongside a regular salad. 


I don't think they would taste very good grilled to me.. after all, real falafel are deep fried so even shallow frying is kind of changing what it's supposed to be like.

With tzatiki is good, or babaganoush, tabouli or any of the other middle eastern/north African foods.

LMAO! I had to laugh at this because I didn't even know what the hell falafel was! I knew it was vegetarian, but it looks so much like meatballs I was confused as to what it really was, let alone how to eat it. :P I guess now I know.

I've seen it mentioned on a few posts and then I saw it at some vendors stand yesterday with a pita. I guess thats the most popular way to eat it. May have to try it sometime. :)

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Original Post by merylwhite1:

I don't think they would taste very good grilled to me.. after all, real falafel are deep fried so even shallow frying is kind of changing what it's supposed to be like.


Don't get me wrong - I do love that deep-fried taste, but I always bake mine when I make them at home, and I honestly can't tell the difference in a pita with veggies and tzatziki.

At the falafel stand near me they sell them in pita bread with veggies & sauce, in salads, or you can buy the falafel balls, anyway you prefer eating them is "acceptable". I like them in pitas, but my favorite is the plain falafel balls. They're so tasty they're even good without dipping into any sauce.

(Falafels are made from chickpeas...aka garbanzo beans)

Interesting this topic came up - I currently have some freshly cooked garbonzo beans in my fridge, waiting to be turned into falafels tonight! I looked up "baked falafels" on the interweb to see if that's possible and it does seem to be, so thanks for the confirmation that they will be just as good this way.

I had a falafel from a favourite shawarma place last week, just to try it as I haven't had one since I lived in Saudi Arabia many years ago. It was nothing like I remembered; it was bready and bland and not the spicy herby crisp-on-the-outside ball of yumminess I remember. So I figured I'd make some myself and see if it's any different.

Hi - I live in the middle east actually (expat) and there is falafel everywhere here.  If you order it at a sit down place it is an appetizer and comes with the other aps (there are like 20 in a typical meal) and you can mix it up with whatever stuff comes in a pita usually.  So, tehini, humus,  salads, babaganoush, or whatever else is there or just pick it up and eat it straight.  If you get it on the street it is usually going to come in a pita as a sandwich with some veggies (lettuce, cuc, tomato) and some pickles.


Very tasty but if deep fried it's trouble (although tasty).  They are good for a bean source though.

i like mine in its own - or with a green salad

Tehini (sesame paste) goes really well on it... Yum Yum

Baked falafel experiment was a smashing success!

I ate them as a sort of appie with a dip I made from yogurt, tahini paste, green onions, s&p and a dash of cumin. YUM.

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