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How come the expiry date on shredded cheese is Feb 09, but it says to use it within 7 days of opening?

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The bag comes with a protective seal... when you squeeze all the air out and seal it, it's in the exact same state as it was when it was closed. So why does it have to be consumed within 7 days?

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It's usable till Feb if not opened at all. When you open it, it comes in contact with air and possible bacteria on your hands, kitchen knife, etc. It just looks the same to you, because you don't have microscopic vision.

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Hmm, that is a good question! So will it actually go bad after 7 days.... or is it just 'not recommended to use' after 7 days?

(ie. I eat tons of expired yogurt as long as it hasn't gone sour/mouldy)

I just opened a huge pack of shredded cheese a few days ago as well.... but I didn't see any 7 day recommendation on the package... hmm... maybe i didnt read the fine print carefully enough :P

Everyone should relax a little....   The 'use within 7 days of opening' is just a guide.  Cheese is not going to deteriorate much if it's wrapped up and refrigerated.  It will dry out if it's left unwrapped but it takes quite a long time for it to go mouldy.  And even then, that's not harmful.

My eldery aunt never owned a fridge and kept cheese under a glass dome on a marble surface in a cool pantry.  Any mouldy looking bits were scraped off before serving!!  Pro-biotics at their very best Smile

I never use cheese within seven days of opening.  I wouldn't worry about going longer than what they reccommend unless it smells bad or something.  I haven't died yet, so it must be fine! :)

Sealing it in the factory and sealing it at home are not the same.

This is funny to me!  With my husband around, cheese doesn't last 7 days.  If it ever did, we'd still eat it unless it had mold that couldn't be removed.

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Original Post by jenningermany:

This is funny to me!  With my husband around, cheese doesn't last 7 days.  If it ever did, we'd still eat it unless it had mold that couldn't be removed.

 That's what I do with my cottage cheese, pasta sauces, etc. I'm sure it'll be absolutely freaking disgusting to most people, but generally if there's mold, i just remove the mold, try a bit of the unmolded parts and if it still tastes fine, still eat it.... haha, probably not a good idea, but its hard when you live on your own!

*nods* me too. bit of mould? scoop it off, good as new. and if a rogue bit sneaks into your sandwich.. penicillin! yum!

i'm odd.

SOme of you people are disgusting, but thanks for your replies!

Most of those dates stamped are "sell by dates", used for rotaing old stock.  Even beer has a sell by date and it rotated out.  I've never had a problem with my cheese and if I am not going to use it for a while, I vacuum seal it.  I have one of the expensive models (not an old "Seal-a-Meal, which doesn't vacuum out the air), but mostly, I use the hand pump vacuum sealer that they've just put on the market (made by Ziplock).  The bags are extremely reasonable and the hand pump one is only about 4 dollars and comes with 3 bags.  After ziplocking the top you pump out the air.  I did an experiment with a cut avocado.  It still looked freshly cut after 4 days; sorry, I ate it because it "told" me to, but I feel confidant that it would have lasted much longer than the 4 days I let it live.  Reynolds also makes their version of a hand held pump, but it requires batteries and is more expensive initially.  The bags are comparable in price, but NOT interchangeable.  The bags are also reusable, which I find to be more cost effective (yup, gotta economize these days) than the ones for the Tilla model (as seen on TV). Each time you use that bag you have to cut off the end, thus reducing the size about 1 1/4 inches with each use.  Hope this helps

fungus spores and bacteria float around the air, land on our food, and grow grow grow. depending on the food, i tend to eat stuff even after parts of it has spoiled though. I just scrap/cut off the parts with mould and eat the rest...


Seal packaged sliced/shaved deli meats are the same.
Usually they have very long off sell by dates but when opened, they have about a week use by date.

Didnt notice and called the manufacturer once when I actually got mold on sliced turkey -oops, my bad.  They were nice, sent me coupons anyway.

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