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Expired yogurt question...

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I was all out of Greek yogurt to make chicken salad for lunch today, but I still had a container of plain Brown Cow yogurt in my fridge to use. The thing is, its date was the 9th (it's the 22nd) but I used it anyway. I haven't eaten lunch yet, but do you think I should just get something else? Will yogurt that has "expired" really have "gone bad" and make me sick, or am I worrying over nothing?

I ate a yogurt (unopened) once that expired two months before and it was A-OK, but I'm just nervous about this stuff since it was already opened.

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if it didnt taste sour or if you dont feel sick there is nothin 2 worry about :L

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Yogurt's essentially sour milk and sugar.  If its been in the fridge and its not moulding, I wouldn't be worried, I've eaten sour cream/ yogurt MONTHS past expiration dates and they've tasted fine and I've never gotten sick from it.

I've never heard of the bacteria in expired yogurt doing much more than giving a tummy ache or some indegestion.

If it was opened but looks okay, smell it.  If it smells okay, taste it.  If it isn't off, I wouldn't worry. 

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I find that unopened yogurt lasts way longer than the expiry date.

And I eat expired (opened) yogurt too as long as it tastes fine.


What's your chicken salad recipe?? ;)

(random question: how comparable is greek yogurt to cottage cheese tastewise.... if at all close... i cant seem to find greek yogurt to try!)

I just ate expired yogurt last night...I think the date was the 18th or was fine!  I've noticed on most dairy products it says "sell by" instead of use by so that makes me think that you have a bit after that date to safely consume :)

I worked at a dairy place for a while when I was younger, and one of the things they taught us was that dairy products are safe to eat for three days after the sell-by date. After that, they can be harmful.

Another thing, a bit off topic, but you don't actually even need to refridgerate yogurt.  Sure it tastes better, and some of the yogurts get runny, but in cape verde they don't ever refridgerate yogurt, because of the "state" of the dairy, yogurt is sort of already like spoiled milk :o)

Not sure about not refigerating it, yesteday I left it out for the day by accident and I ate it anyway, was sick last night and had to take mallox .

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I have two small unopend containers of yougart, and I know my mom is going to make me throw them out, but is there anything else I can do with them? Maybe a recipe of some sort? 

hey galfriend! 

my friend just ate some strawberry flavoured fruit flakes, dated 22nd may 2011, it is now 31st of march 2012! crapola! she says she has a minor stomach ache and i'm getting pretty vexed, i'm gonna take her to A&E just to be on the safe side! i'd like you to let me know how you felt after eating your out of date yoghurt in yo chicken salad. i want my friend to be ok, so some answers would be greatly appreciated in this time of need. 


thankyou zebulancherry! 

nuff love. 

emma poostain xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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