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Exactly how big is a large apple?

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Yes, I know it's large, but how large is large?

I was once told a medium apple is  the size of a fist, but my fist is tiny. i don't have any average sized fists on hand at the moment. (Yes, pun intended)

I think its 2 large for a pound of apples, but I don't usually weight apples. Is there a descent eye-ing estimation for a large apple?

Thanks in advance!!
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According to the calorie counter a large apple is 3 1/4" in diameter and 110 calories. A medium apple is 2 3/4" in diameter  and 72 calories.

I went through a phase where I was almost obsessive about getting my calorie count accurate...then I realized it's not an exact science & will never be exact no matter how much effort I put into now I just log all my apples as 100 calories & figure it's close enough! :-)
same here.  I log one apple as 100 cal.  You could always get a food scale that weighs grams as the food calculator here, gives grams.

Sometimes if it's a food that is say 43 cal for 1/2 Cup, I round up to 45.
A large apple is 212 grams, without the core/seeds/stem, if you weigh it. I don't recommend that though..too obsessive. A medium sized piece of fruit is about the size of a softball. If your apple is smaller than that, then it is a small apple. If it is larger, then it is large. If it is REALLY larger, then call it an extra large (about 150 cal).
Wouldn't the type of apple change the calories? or is it a minor factor?
The type of apple doesn't matter. It would only be a very small difference, 5 calories or so.

A softball!!! whoa... Are you sure?

That would be awesome though, like apple heaven.

Thanks for all the answers so far!!
One more thing. 3 1/4" diameter seems really small. My wrist is 5 inches around and I have yet to seem a ripe apple that size.

Or maybe I'm just reading the measurement wrong. Would it have to be like 3 inches around the widest part of the apple to be large?
Yup, I am sure. That is just a general estimation though, so you can eyeball it easier.
duckie, you're confusing diameter with circumference.  Diameter is the width of the apple at the widest part.  3" across, not around.
Oh gosh you're right.

I'm sorry. I had a reeeaaallllyyy annoying geometry teacher last year. -shudders- Let's just call it a surpressed memory.

Thank you soooo much!!!
It says large is if two apples makes up a pound and medium if 3 or 4 make up a pound. usually I get gala apples big hokin ones. about 2 make a pound. I know becuase I weigh them to try and tally up my bill. if your getting apples from a bag they arent going to be bigger then a small medium

so how do you measure and calculate bananas?  They seem to be higher in sugar and calories per ounce so I like ot be a bit more accurate with those.

 This my first day with my new account and goals, so I have a lot to learn, but have been counting calories for a few weeks now.  Thanks.


Here's how I measure apples based on appearance, approximately:

Large: ~ 9 oz

Medium ~ 7.5

Small  ~ 5.2

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